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Back from Copenhagen

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  • Jason Agar and Bicycle Education
    12/15/01 Hello Ben and Kipchoge and Roots, I m back from a great trip to Denmark. Somehow I find myself traveling when love and bike lanes are both in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2001

      Hello Ben and Kipchoge and Roots,

      I'm back from a great trip to Denmark. Somehow I find myself traveling
      when love and bike lanes are both in the picture. Having the Xtracycle
      connection added so much to my experience there. It gave me an "in" with a
      different culture and excellent transportation while I was there. I
      arrived in Copenhagen and met up with the XC rep Allan from the Danish
      Cycling Federation. He set me up with a Kona Hahanna mtn bike/XC. It was
      so much better than the bike I had managed to borrow. It had a seatpost
      frozen 3" too low. Danes use bikes like a pair of shoes and the pair of
      wheels I was borrowing was a bit worn out. Alan had the XC set up with
      footsies and a stoker stem with narrow mtb bars to make it legal to carry a
      passenger. I wonder if it is the same here in the US. In Oregon the law
      says that riders must be on a seat specially designed to carry passengers.
      I wonder if the Free Radical just with Footsies complies. Anyway, the
      stoker stem was nice, I think I'm going to add one on to my XC in Oregon.

      Copenhagen is a city of three million where one million drive, one walk or
      take the bus and one million bike. On most roads in the city there are
      separate bike lanes that are raised 2" from the auto lanes. The sidewalk is
      raised a couple inches from the bike path. It is almost like there are 3
      separate transportation systems, one road system for cars and one road
      system for bikes, and facilities for pedestrians. All three shared space
      often. In many places there are separate traffic signals for bikes, autos,
      and pedestrians. I found that drivers were patient, respectful and tolerant
      of cyclists. That changed at night with some Taxi drivers, but on the
      whole I found drivers to be very watchful and cautious.

      I borrowed the XC a week into my 3 week trip. I mostly rode it around the
      city, except for a train and bike trip to the Northwest part of Sjælland,
      the same island the Copenhagen is on. The XC was great. It carried most
      of our gear and we switched off riding it to the tiny house place we stayed
      at. We biked to the ocean to the west and the fjord to the east (the
      fjords in Denmark are more like bays- different than the huge ones in

      A number of years ago I tried to figure out how I could combine a
      backpacking trip with a bike trip and avoid having another set of bags to
      deal with. With the XC you don't need panniers, a full size backpack or
      drybag works better- we had the backpack. I also like the new XC design,
      the built in pockets are nice and the freeloader strap/tensioner keeps
      loads from pushing into the spokes.

      Traveling by train worked nicely. There is "always" room for bikes we were
      assured by a conductor. There was a separate car with space to park the
      bikes. It helped to get a hand in lifting the loaded rig onto the train and
      I stood the bike up vertically in the elevator between platforms.

      I visited at Sogreni (www.sogreni.dk) and at Nihola (www.nihola.com).
      Nichola makes a couple of different tadpole workbikes, one of them has rear
      wheel steering.

      So thanks. Sharing the love was a joy.

      Jason Agar
      Rootsradical Eugene, OR

      PS I'm sending a hardcopy of this in the mail along with pictures.

      At 10:55 AM 10/30/01 +0200, you wrote:
      >Hi Jason,
      >I remember you and thanks again for the tea!
      >I've heard that you're enjoying your xtracycle a lot. It's great for us to
      >know that people like it and use it!
      >Regarding Denmark and Copenhagen I went there in August. You can maybe visit
      >the representent of our Danish distributor there. He uses is Xtracycle and
      >I'm sure I will be happy to have someone telling him about the Xtracycle. He
      >also knows some folks in bike shops, bike messenger company you could hang
      >out with. I'm gonna ask him!
      >There's an other company making beautiful bicycle you could visit it's
      >Sogreni www.sogreni.dk.
      >> From: Jason Agar and Bicycle Education <jasona@...>
      >> Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 18:43:59
      >> To: ben@...
      >> Subject: A trip to Copenhagen
      >> Hello Ben,
      >> We met in Eugene when you and Ross came through last fall. I ordered my
      >> xtracycle from you guys between your visits to bike shops.
      >> I am going to visit a friend in Copenhagen from 11/14- 12/5. During that
      >> time I will have a chance to do some things in the city and occupy myself.
      >> Are there some people I could meet up with and give an xtracycle
      >> demonstration event for? I could put in 2 days of effort for something.
      >> Kipchoge mentioned the Danish Cycling Club. I have been using my bike daily
      >> for a year and hauling big loads/kayaks/bikes/hitchikers with it.
      >> I'm travelling light on the trip over. I plan to borrow a bike there.
      >> I thought of this because I like visiting places and being more than a
      >> tourist. It helps me get more connected to the place I am visiting. Also,
      >> it would be fun to meet xtracycle folks in Copenhagen.
      >> Thoughts?
      >> Jason
      >> Jason Agar
      >> Bicycle Education and Awareness Program Coordinator
      >> Bicycle Transportation Alliance
      >> (541)338-2966, jasona@...
      Jason Agar
      Bicycle Education and Awareness Program Coordinator
      Bicycle Transportation Alliance
      (541)338-2966, jasona@...
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