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Xtracycle Rocks Vegas

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  • Paul H. Freedman
    Dear Roots, Several newsworthy developments have come up recently at Xtracycle, and I hope they find you all well. First of all, the Xtracycle presence in Las
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      Dear Roots,

      Several newsworthy developments have come up recently at Xtracycle, and I
      hope they find you all well.

      First of all, the Xtracycle presence in Las Vegas, at the 2001 Interbike
      (the largest bike-related trade show) belied our actual numbers. In short,
      we were huge. The core crew (Kipchoge, Ross, Vange, Chad, and Ben) drove
      Millie down to Vegas with Isaac (resident Djembe accompanist and Millie Tour
      veteran), skillfully avoiding Nevada Highway 50 and thus preventing painful
      memories of Millie's spectacular 2am August breakdown, in which the fan flew
      off its bolts and mowed down the radiator. Whoops, sorry. Anyway, the crew
      drove to Vegas, picking up a Native American hitchhiker along the way named
      Silent Bob, who didn't say a word but smiled when the bus stopped to allow
      them to ride down the mountain passes into Death Valley. In Vegas Jimi Moe
      and girlfriend/lunch preparation goddess Linda, and Steve Howard and
      girlfriend/trade show dynamics expert Susan joined the team. Jimi
      facilitates Xtracycle's manufacturing in Taiwan, and Steve is the new
      Southern California rep for Xtracyle.

      Now, with this team of 10, and a keg of organic ale (donated of course by
      our good friends at Wolavers), Xtracycle managed to: throw the best party of
      Interbike 2001 (according to several impartial partygoers), make the daily
      trade show newspaper twice, sell 75 FreeRadicals and engage hundreds more
      potential buyers, and take over three trade show booths for the price of
      one. In order to achieve this monstrous presence they pulled an all-nighter
      before the show to build up 10+ Sport Utility Bicycles ready for test rides
      and guerrilla marketing!

      A special paragraph is needed for the salsa cycle, that custom stereophonic
      sonic bike that bumps out everything from Michael Franti to James Brown on
      retroactive retrofitted car stereo equipment. For the show, Ben decorated
      the entire bike with tiger fur and even a special set of tiger stripe tires.
      Then the crew brought the salsa cycle to every single Xtracyle event and
      group ride, motivating devotees to surf the Las Vegas strip in nothing but
      cowboy hats. Yeehaw!!!

      Second major event is that Xtracycle's business leaders, after much
      consultation with bean-counting spreadsheet springers, have decided to give
      the general public a permanent price break on Xtracycle FreeRadicals! Say
      goodbye to $390. The new very magic number is $299. So tell all of your
      friends who have been on the fence. $299 buys them the world's most useful
      bicycle. This price cutting strategy comes as Xtracyle is increasing its
      footprint in our target markets. But we still rely heavily on grassroots
      advertising. So tell everyone you know about the new deal on SUB's.

      Thirdly, news from XAccess, the non-profit sister of Xtracycle LLC. Adam
      French will be leaving soon to spearhead a major project in Kenya,
      manufacturing and distributing a low-cost, locally produced version of the
      FreeRadical to Kenyans. This project will combine the experience of our
      work in El Salvador and South Africa, but will benefit from a solid
      partnership with ApproTEC, a group of socially motivated engineers and
      product design and marketing experts in Nairobi. With Adam in Kenya
      starting November, I'll be leading the home front for XAccess. For those who
      are interested in getting involved, we are actively seeking donations and
      volunteers. Contact me or Adam (adam@...) for more details.

      Thanks for reading. Keep doing what you're doing, and keep your souls


      Paul Freedman

      Paul Freedman
      302 Montcalm
      San Francisco, CA 94110

      (415) 824-1551
      fax: (443) 347-0521

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      From: vange elston [mailto:vange@...]
      Sent: Friday, October 19, 2001 1:02 PM
      To: Paul H. Freedman
      Cc: kipchoge@...
      Subject: Re: Time for a roots update?

      Thanks a million for agreeing to put this together Paul. You were missed on
      the trip! And that's an understatement.
      1. A full keg and a couple of cases. Who's who: Dirt Rag Mag, Kona, Planet
      Bike, Rolloff, SF Bike Coalition, Planet Bike, ITDP, Hase, Retailers, a lost
      call girl. KC remembers more maybe. Music: Live by Kipchoge and Isaac,
      recorded by...Spearhead, ?? The Party happened the Monday evening of the
      Show in a suite on the 33rd floor of the Venatian...we felt very SWANK!
      People commented that it was the best private Interbike

      2. We drove Millie and we took 395 South through Bishop and then through
      Death Valley which was Epic. There are two MAJOR passes going into the
      Valley and we cruised them both on Xtras. The last decent was like 10 miles
      from over 4000 ft elevation to sea level. It was evening and the light was
      beautiful; golden and rosy with lots of shadow and contrast. The topography
      of that area reminds me of the carcus of a very large animal. It is all
      mineral and bare and eroding to dust. Who came along: we started with
      Vange, Ross, Isaac, KC, Chad, Ben. We picked up a hitchhiker outside of
      Carson City who we now fondly refer to as Silent Bob; a native American guy
      who rode with us to Vegas. He had been visiting his x wife and son and was
      trying to get to LA. He seemed content, drank an AM Woolies with Isaac and
      didn't say much of anything all day. He did seem pleased when we did the
      Death Valley Cruize on bikes to be a part of the wackiness we were up to
      (though he didn't say anything about anything). We were joined in Vegas by
      Jimi Moe ( "our guy" in Taiwan, who by the way, is a truly amazing person
      with incredible insight and capacity for understanding) and his girlfriend
      Linda (who made us some great lunches and was SUPER helpful), and Steve
      Howard (our new SO CAL rep) and his girl Sa Sa Susan. Jimi, Linda, Steve
      and Susan all worked really hard for us in and out of the booth! There were
      good Millie Style times on the way down and great Xtracycle vibes during the
      whole show.

      4. The pre-ride? Don't know what you are refering to here. The On Dirt
      Demo Day on Saturday before the show was GREAT. We got great exposure
      there, the Salsa Cycle was a HUGE hit

      5. Other notes: We were in the Show Daily (the Daily Interbike newspaper)
      twice. Once for the Salsa Cycle at the On Dirt Demo, and once about the
      Bike Vegas promotion and the SUB concept. Vange got hit by a car on the
      last day of the show. It happened right outside the convention center and
      she got a ticket and a subdural hematoma in her quad. Someone was arrested
      during the Critical Mass on Sunday night (he was riding an Xtracycle). Our
      man Russel Zimmerman (from Durango, whos buddy Robbie pulled the first
      wheelie) was spotted (by Paul White) surfing down the strip late one night
      wearing NOTHING but a Viking hat! Yeeehaaa!
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      From: "Paul H. Freedman" <paul@...>
      To: "Kipchoge Spencer" <kipchoge@...>; "Vange Elston"
      Sent: Friday, October 19, 2001 11:45 AM
      Subject: Time for a roots update?

      > Hi Kipchoge and Vange,
      > Seems like with the price drop (yay!), the retreat, and the Las Vegas
      > triumph, it's time for a roots radicals update.
      > I'd be happy to write it. I heard about Vegas from Chad, and have a few
      > additional questions below. I don't know too much about what went on at
      > retreat, except that Ross did a good job planning it. Anything else you'd
      > like to have in the update?
      > Love,
      > Paully P
      > Vegas questions:
      > 1) The party -- how much Wolavers? What music? Who showed? When was it?
      > 2) How you got down there and who came?
      > 3) Did you meet up with any roots radicals while you were there?
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      > Paul Freedman
      > 302 Montcalm
      > San Francisco, CA 94110
      > paul@...
      > (415) 824-1551
      > fax: (443) 347-0521
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      > From: Paul H. Freedman [mailto:paul@...]
      > Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2001 9:54 AM
      > To: vange@...
      > Cc: Kipchoge Spencer
      > Subject: Roots update?
      > Hi Kipchoge and Vange,
      > Sounds like a Roots Radicals email is in order after Vegas.
      > Just give me a few more details about:
      > 1) The party -- how much Wolavers? What music? When was it?
      > 2) How you got down there and who came?
      > 3) Did you meet up with any roots radicals while you were there?
      > 4) What was the pre-ride like? How did the Salsa Cycle go over?
      > 5) Other details...
      > Thanks,
      > Paully
      > P.S. My Xtra update for next week:
      > "XAccess -- XAccess will meet with the Tides Center for our introductory
      > interview on the 30th of October. I have been seeking graphic design/web
      > talent for the XAccess web page, and been getting closer. I spoke with
      > Krauter, the creator of the Bikes Not Bombs web page, who may get involved
      > from Boston.
      > Sales -- The 1st Xtracycle farmers market appearance in San Francisco is
      > tentatively scheduled for Nov. 3rd. It will involve lots of great food,
      > Xtracycle camaraderie, and mucho sales. However, details are still being
      > worked out in terms of marketing materials, inviting SF roots radicals,
      > whether to bring boxes. If folks want to come down from Nevada City to
      > help, there will be places to stay, as well as great halloween parties to
      > to!
      > I have spoken to a woman named Michelle at Sky Chair in Boulder, and she
      > given me a few tips about Farmers Market and Crafts Fair appearances. In
      > particular, she said it's important to bring the product with you so
      > can take it home. Also they bring a credit card machine to each
      > and plenty of nice brochures."
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      > Paul Freedman
      > 302 Montcalm
      > San Francisco, CA 94110
      > paul@...
      > (415) 824-1551
      > fax: (443) 347-0521
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      > From: Kipchoge Spencer [mailto:kipchoge@...]
      > Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2001 9:30 AM
      > To: Ross Evans; Benjamin Sarrazin; Adam French; Elias Crouch; Chad
      > Carpenter; Vange Elston; Jimi Moe; Gregg Osofsky; Josh Anthony; John
      > Regan; Paul Freedman
      > Subject: xtra
      > hello friends,
      > here is this week's xtra! as per suggestion from the good people at
      > X-Access, the Xtra is no longer a "submit it on time or forget it for the
      > week" proposition. I will send out the Xtra on time. if you get yours to
      > on time, it will be included. Otherwise, send it as soon as you get the
      > delivery from me and it will be included in next week's.
      > I'm tired of not getting these, and I also haven't been the best at
      > them out on time. I'm going to do it from now on, and I'll expect the
      > thanks
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