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Millie Tour Update: Got Groupies?

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  • Paul H. Freedman
    Here s the second update from the millie tour. I had some technology problems, so it s a few days old. Enjoy. Dear Roots: I write from Salida CO for our
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2001
      Here's the second update from the millie tour. I had some technology
      problems, so it's a few days old. Enjoy.

      Dear Roots:

      I write from Salida CO for our second Millie Tour Update.


      We started the trip with five (vange, Rasta, Kipchoge, Isaac, and myself).
      a brief moment yesterday, we were up to eight, awesome partying indiduals.

      The additions: Erin Roberts, Xtra surfer-girl, Boulder Bandleader,
      (of the best dog: Paloma). She met us at our Salt Lake street party and
      Ross's SUB on her first try.

      Jen Kunst: Downhill mountain biker, gymnast, dancer, midnight ultimate
      player. She met us at Full Cycle in Boulder, when Kipchoge and I were
      to muscle our way into the shop's back-to-school sale.

      Josh Anthony: a roots radical, not a groupie, technically, but an all around
      force of young progressive energy, bike smarts, millie-driving expertise,
      sound advice. We're staying Josh's hometown right now.

      The tour seems to have a momentum of its own these days. We're selling
      having too much fun, laughing so hard that we can't swallow food anymore,
      getting a good western sun tan. Both Isaac and myself were supposed to have
      left by now, but we have stayed with the tour. It's contagious. We're
      to your town, and we're going to have a funky good time.

      Some highlights:

      We displayed at a booth at the Boulder Farmers Market and sold an xtracycle
      a man who had never ridden a bike. We had to teach him to ride first, and
      said he found it easier to learn on the xtracycle than on other bikes.

      We drove over independence pass this morning, played bocce on the
      divide with rocks, and rode down the east side of the pass on our SUBs as
      brought up the rear with millie. Kipchoge and I rode down on our snapdecks,
      slaloming the whole way like a longboard. Vange took a more speedy approach
      and overshot the pickup by ten miles, but it's all good.

      We cooked a feast and played music for some folks from the Rocky Mountain
      Institute last night (Porcini Risotto, anyone?) I carried HyperCar founder
      David LastNameForgotten, his dog, and 60 pounds of groceries on the back of
      SUB for my largest payload of the trip. The Aspenites are still picking up
      their jaws from the floor.

      We ran a keg-rescue race at the Gore Canyon whitewater festival. The world
      waterfall-champion (fact check, Kipchoge?), Tao Berman, entered eight times,
      and got disqualified 5 times, but didn't place. The winner of an Xtracycle
      SUB: Sam Drevo, from Portland. He sprinted to catch up to the keg, caught
      throw bag from his on-shore partner, clipped the caribiner, and got to shore
      with the keg in 30.94 seconds. Swiss time, baby. Other finishers of note
      include Bear LastNameUnknown, who raced after the keg when it got swept
      downstream in a class 2 rapid. Bear took home a case of New Belgian Brewing
      Co. beer for his fine efforts.

      Much more to share, but I shall close for today. Here's hoping the Millie
      energy reaches you intact and unfettered from its speedy trip on the
      information superhighway.


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