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Millie Tour in Progress

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  • Paul Freedman
    Greetings roots: Here s an update from the road as we approach the midpoint of the second ever Millie Tour. We re at our second major tour stop: Boulder
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2001
      Greetings roots:

      Here's an update from the road as we approach the midpoint of the second
      ever Millie Tour.

      We're at our second major tour stop: Boulder Colorado. We currently
      occupy the couch, floor, futon, and backyard of Brendan Kiernan, an early
      Xtracycle owner and leader of the interactive marketing firm Texture
      Media. We've been riding our Sport Utility Bikes around Boulder for a day
      and half now, and the response has been fantastic. Random strangers are
      surfing, test-riding, and enjoying our presence. Our party with Texture
      tonight will draw 50 bike-savvy people and Kipchoge's performance will
      warm their hearts and open their wallets to Xtra.

      Our group ride last night suffered on account of rain, but a local
      reporter from Boulder Camera showed up and loved the Bike. I hopped on
      the back as she rode through the grass and after a couple wobbles she
      righted our steed and took me up a hill! With any luck her report will
      appear in tomorrow's paper in time for Demo Day in the park.

      Salt Lake City, our first tour stop, was a rock-star experience. We piggy
      backed on Teva's booth at the National Outdoor Retailer conference, and
      rode our bikes around the huge convention floor, turning heads and drawing
      the ire of the security guards. Kipchoge, and guest percusionist Isaac
      James lit it up on the stage of the Teva Big Guns party, held at a nearby
      club. Ross spun rope tricks (it was a western-themed) party, and all of
      our costumes were hot-diggity-dawg-diggity, thanks to a spontaneous thrift
      store visit in Elko Nevada.

      At 2AM the party spilled out on to the sidewalk, where we surfed our new
      friends from the OR conference. Kipchoge rocked the scores of drunk
      kayakers, one of whom surfed naked past a cafe of innocent bystanders. A
      case of Heineken appeared on the sidewalk, fueling the sing-along and
      general Xtracycle frenzy. Ross roped me lasso style as I rode by on the
      back of a bike, and Isaac entertained the devoted throngs with sick beats
      on his Jimbe (spelling?). The cops gave us plenty of respect, and our ty
      continued unhiundered to a local club, where we kicked the subwoofer of
      our salsa cycle into Shaquille O'Neal territory, and got our followers
      dancing merengue in a parking lot. (Hats off to the lead engineer of the
      Salsa Cycle, Xtracycle's own Chad). Two-hundred pound innebriated kayakers
      were surfing by as we Salsa'd, lasso'd, and xtracycled our way to local
      stardom, and as I looked on the scene we'd created there on the streets of
      Salt Lake, that's when I knew: Thank God I'm an Outdoor Retailer.

      So, we're having a great time, generating tons of buzz, and stuffing
      ourselves on chips. Don't worry about our nutrition though, we've got
      plenty of each of the four food groups: vegetable medley, tamari, hot, and
      pico de gallo.

      See you all in your town soon!


      Millie Crew -- Paul, Isaac, Vange, Ross, and Kipchoge.
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