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Re~Cycle's Newsletter # 3 - 4/6/00

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  • Merlin Matthews - Re~Cycle
    Hello Attached is our 3rd newsletter, with links to parts of our web site. Please pass this to your friends, and even enemies! Re~Cycle s looking to do a hit
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2000

      Attached is our 3rd newsletter, with links to parts of our web site.

      Please pass this to your friends, and even enemies!

      Re~Cycle's looking to do a hit at the York Rally, 23rd - 25th June, tho
      I'll not be in the country.

      Would you be on for helping out?

      I've currently got some people working on this, key people are:
      Mic Storey <mic_survival@...> 01904 488 387 = York
      Simon (+ Louisa, she's not coming)- 01206 512 008 <psi.clarke@...>
      Mark O'Reilly - markor@... - 15, Alexandra Road, CO3 3DB. -
      01206 574179

      - give out info (tho prefer to get e-mail address if poss, save paper +
      then we can keep them up to date with newsletters etc.
      - sell organic T-shirts @ £12 a go + paper @£5 (made by one of our partners
      in RSA) + collect money
      - get people to save £ on there phone bills while Re~Cycle gets 8% ongoing
      commission - see separate file - Fill in bottom with ID # 88 8012 68 42 +
      rep name = RE-CYCLE, I'll sign them when back - this is great for us and
      even better if we pass it on to other charities… Thanks

      - collect bikes and parts
      - preferably in central York the weekend before, to avoid York folk
      bringing stuff down to the race track
      - during the event, tho they don't want us lowering the tone of nice posh
      - afterwards, leftovers from saddle bag sale


      PLEASE give us a hand on this one, many hands making light work and all that!

      Other events include -

      June 17th - London - 9 am - Brick lane Bagel Race
      11 am - Opening of Green Bridge and Mile End Park

      LIVERPOOL CYCLE SHOW 2000 - June 21st - 11:30-7pm -
      St George's Hall, FREE ENTRY
      0151 236 1737 - www.health-start.com - info@...

      CYCLEFEST 2000 - Wed Aug 2nd till Tuesday 8th, St Martin's College,
      Lancaster -
      John = j.bradshaw@... - 01524 384474
      Pat - p.strachan@... - 01253 887265

      Thank you very much

      Merlin Matthews __o
      Director _`\<,
      Re~Cycle (*)/(*)

      Relieving Poverty - Taking Old Bikes to New Territory
      Charity # 1063570

      Good laptop wanted + office filing equipment

      60 High Street, West Mersea, Essex, CO5 8JE, UK
      Tel. & Fax + 44 (0) 1206 38 2207
      Mobile 44 (0) 797 073 15 30

      www.re-cycle.org AWARD WINNING site (Netscape + AOL), please link

      For those of you who can't do attachments:

      Re~Cycle's NEWSLETTER: 4/6/00

      Welcome to the third issue of Re~Cycle's Newsletter.



      1. Goods and Services available now!
      2. ROYAL MAIL - 4,500 bikes a year
      3. AFRIBIKE - Mandela + Minister!
      4. WORLD BANK & GHANA - Afribike training courses
      5. VELO MONDIAL - June 19-22
      6. YORK BICYCLE RALLY- June 23-25
      7. XTRACYCLE - new: the Free Radical
      8. KENYA - container shipped
      9. NIGERIA- 200 more bikes
      10. WEDDING - Phil is getting married
      11. TITBITS - volunteers coming on board and more

      Re~Cycle is now offering the public a variety of goods and services as a
      way to generate income and further our aims. We have partnered with a
      company called ACN who can save people in Europe and North America around
      30% on national phone bills and 65%, with Re~Cycle getting 8% commission,
      ongoing. Free local weekend calls if you spend more than £10 / month, with
      gas and electricity available very soon and mobiles and internet later this
      year. This is something we're very keen to pass on to other charities (and
      have done!) and individuals. More on this soon…
      We are also selling 100% organic T-shirts (Afribike + Re~Cycle logos) @ £12
      (+ p&p), and Xtracycles (see below)

      2. ROYAL MAIL
      Royal Mail has finally consented for us to have their old bicycles, which
      means 4,500 bikes a year. This is great news as the bikes are designed for
      load carrying, are in great shape (having been well looked after) and would
      otherwise be chopped up and scrapped. A very BIG thank you to Jason Perks,
      Alan Todd and Geoff Achilles for their tireless efforts in making this
      happen. Jon Snow from ITN and Channel 4, one of our longstanding
      supporters, said "anyone who's spent time in the developing world knows
      that the bicycle is the key to sustainable development. This imaginative
      move by the Royal Mail will have much more impact than even they can guess."
      Check out the Press Release on the web site.

      3. AFRIBIKE - Mandela + Minister!
      Afribike is going from strength to strength, with more people working for
      us in Africa and government and industry support still growing.
      Nelson Mandela was recently at our Johannesburg workshop [link to photo]
      and likes what we're doing!
      Dulah Omar, the new RSA Minister of Transport was sufficiently impressed
      with the plan to invite Afribike to give a presentation to parliament! 3M
      have pledged signs, road markings, reflective material and other stuff for
      our KwaZulu-Natal and Ivory Park projects
      We will be providing jobs for 50 people assembling imported bikes for
      ProBike, a Subsidiary of Raleigh. They in turn are owned by Derby, who
      (not to buck the trend!) think we're doing amazing work… The y have
      offered us products at cost price for a while at least.

      Having examined our Afribike project, the World Bank is looking to use our
      skills and experience to further the aim of sustainable transportation in
      developing countries. Other Afribike staff and Merlin shall be attending
      and presenting a training course in June run by the government of Ghana and
      the World Bank.

      June will be a very busy month. After Ghana, Re~Cycle and Afribike shall
      be attending the Velo Mondial 2000 www.velomondial2000.nl, a 12-day series
      of events and conferences in Amsterdam. There's a lot going on, from photo
      exhibitions to seminars on promoting bike use at home and abroad.

      At the same time there is the York Bicycle Rally (23rd - 25th June) which
      Re~Cycle will be attending to promote our work, meet industry folk, raffle
      a bike and raise money. We shall also be selling Re~Cycle / Afribike
      T-shirts (organic, naturally), recycled paper from one of our projects in
      RSA and Xtracycles. Help needed. To find out more:

      7. XTRACYCLE
      There is now a super flash version of the Xtracycle www.xtracycle.com
      called the Free Radical, which has been designed for use in developed
      countries. It is marketed as a sports utility cycle (SUC), can carry a
      week's shopping or an extra 2 people and handles like a dream (I've been
      off road on one, with my daughter on my back!). A company who manufactures
      boat trailers and caravans is now manufacturing the Free Radical in the UK
      for us to sell and market in Europe. We are looking for people to help with
      this endeavour. Profits will be used to subsidise production of the
      low-tech version overseas.

      8. KENYA
      In March we loaded a 40-foot container bound for Kenya, with the
      International Widows and Orphans Welfare Society of Kenya (IWOWESOK, UK
      charity # 1077039) jodongo@.... They sent down a great team of
      volunteers one Saturday to cannibalise some spare parts and they came down
      again to load up.

      9. NIGERIA
      The 200 bikes bound for Nigeria are going with the Reform Corporation, run
      by Dr Jo Ukemenam corporationhouse@.... They work with 4 African
      countries and are tied in with IWOWESOK. Both shipments contained work
      stands, wheel jigs, workshop tools, donated tyres, patches and
      ballbearings, as well as the spare parts needed for refurbishment and

      10. WEDDING
      Another date of note in June (25th) is the wedding of Phil, our lovely
      webmaster webmaster@.... His work on our web site
      www.re-cycle.org has won us several awards such as AOL Editors Choice and a
      Netscape "Cool Site". The hits are going up and up! Congratulations +
      best of luck to Phil and Elizabeth!!!

      11. TITBITS
      · Storage and spare part collection in London is just off the ground, but
      nowhere near enough.
      · SAF Marine hwright@..., the South African national
      shipping line is giving us GREAT shipping rates and donating some more old
      · Jeff Turner has really informative papers on Non Motorised Transport in
      Less Developed countries and Gender Issues - www.art.man.ac.uk/transres
      · We'll be shipping another 30 bikes to the Kaloko Trust kaltrust@...
      in Zambia shortly. They were the 1st people we shipped to and this time
      they'll be getting Royal Mail bikes.
      · On the 24/2/00 Challenge Adventure Charities gave us £1200 raised by a
      sponsored bike ride - thank you all!
      · An American lady, Susan Veneziano susanv3@..., would like to be
      an intern for 6 months from September. She's very well qualified for the
      job, thinks we're great and wants to help.
      · Two great web sites to help out: http://www.thehungersite.com and

      We would like to encourage you to be proactive in supporting us. Time,
      effort and MONEY (hint hint!) are needed, as are contacts.

      Please see the new "How Can I Help" section of our web site. On that note,
      we would REALLY appreciate it if you would forward this to all your
      friends, or send us their e-mail addresses.

      THANK YOU for your continuing support.

      Merlin Matthews __o
      Director _`\<,
      Re~Cycle (*)/(*)

      Relieving Poverty - Taking Old Bikes to New Territory
      Charity # 1063570

      60 High Street, West Mersea, Essex, CO5 8JE, UK
      Tel. + Fax 44 (0) 1206 38 2207 - Mobile 44 (0) 797 073 15 30

      WANTED: Storage in London, good laptop + office filing equipment

      www.re-cycle.org AWARD WINNING site (Netscape + AOL), please link
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