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  • Antonio
    I bought my Xtracycle a NUMBER of years ago and I still have the original snapdeck. The factory paint job and finish probably got worn off in a year or two
    Message 1 of 79 , Feb 14, 2008
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      I bought my Xtracycle a NUMBER of years ago and I still have the
      original snapdeck. The factory paint job and finish probably got worn
      off in a year or two (working as a bike messenger in NYC in all
      wetaher with the bike being stored outside. Later, the plywood of the
      snapdeck started to curl up at the rear, so I just wrapped up some
      duct (or silkscreening? I forget)tape around the area. Recently I have
      started to noticed the front curved end of the snap deck starting to
      do the same.

      I have been totally psyched for a long time to upgrade from my
      Xtracycled bike to a Big Dummy particularly because my Freeradical
      frame is actually broken clean through on one side directly behind the
      dropouts. Fortunately I have the area tightly sandwiched between two
      split pipes compressed together using nautical grade (no rust) hose
      clamps, and the intended temporary fix has held up extraordinarily
      well for almost a year now while I wait for the release of the Big Dummy.

      Sadly, I think I will have to wait longer for the Big Dummy because at
      the moment my wife and I are seriously looking into buying a house to
      finally escape being renters due to the low interest rates and good
      buyer's market right now. While buying a house is terrific, it
      actually means I really must prioritize and not invest over $1000 on
      purchasing and building up a new cargo bike set up when my current rig
      functions pretty well at the moment. :( I was extremely bummed at this
      compromise on my part, but in the long run it is certainly for the
      best. It could also result in shaving a few extra minutes off my
      commuting time because we intend to move a little closer to where I work.

      Anyway... along with replacing my Xtracycle with the Big Dummy, I had
      also thought I would replace the snapdeck. Regardless of not getting
      the Big Dummy now, I would say my current snapdeck still needs
      replacing. Considering my BIG preference for low maintenance when it
      comes to my bike, I have been considering alternatives to the standard
      wooden snapdeck, and was wondering what people thought.

      Naturally, I have kept my eye on discussions about snapdecks ever
      since I have been on this mailing list, but I wanted to stir up some
      brainstorming as well as hear what other creative solutions people may
      have come up with. I have already seen some terrific developments from
      within our community that are great.

      On my own I have been thinking about a photo I think I saw on-line,
      which might have been taken at InterBike. In it I believe the
      Xtracycle booth had some prototypes of their upcoming accessories and
      I seem to recall a metal (aluminum?) snapdeck, which did not appear to
      have any attached hardware to affix it to the Xtracycle racks. I
      thought that was pretty cool. Although I imagine that surface might
      get very hot in the sun. Still it made me think of what I do for a
      living these days, which is digitally make plates at the offset
      printing company I work at. We regularly encounter plates, which have
      imperfections or errors in them. All the plates are recycled here, but
      I thought it might be cool to salvage one or two for myself to build
      some sort of snapdeck. The aluminum plates we have are not thick
      enough and are made to be able to bend and be wrapped around the
      rolling drums on the press machines, so they could not be used on
      their own. Instead I was actually think of using them as an outer
      coating for perhaps plywood underneath. I am not sure how well this
      would end up working, but it was just an idea.

      Another idea was to possibly purchase a large sized plastic cutting
      board. Those things are usually 1/2 to 3/4 inches thick, which is
      comparable to the standard snapdeck. I am not sure how structurally
      sound a snapdeck shaped cutting board would be, but I think it could
      work. Mostly I have seen plastic cutting boards white in color and
      they tend to be semi-translucent. That combination might permit enough
      light to reflect or pass through, so that the sun might not melt it on
      particularly bright days. Obviously because they are meant to be
      sliced upon and handle wet biological material, I would imagine they
      could certainly stand up to wet weather and wear from passenger's
      butts. :) Any thoughts on this possibility?

      Well, the cutting board is what I am leaning to myself unless someone
      cat suggest otherwise. I might go ahead and buy a cutting board as an
      experiment, but with the house hunting and cold weather, I may very
      well not get into the project right away. My current snapdeck
      certainly needs some TLC though. :)

      Ride safe all and best wishes,
    • riggertrev
      ... Congrats on your Big Dummy. The video looks good too. Look what I found this morning:
      Message 79 of 79 , Mar 4, 2008
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        --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, Devian Gilbert <asanacycles@...> wrote:
        > a custom deck is by far the best
        > :-)
        > d-

        Congrats on your Big Dummy. The video looks good too.

        Look what I found this morning:


        It links thru my blog (so it's a self-serving shameless plug as well as a .contribution to the discussion) but it's pretty darn cool stuff .



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