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re: Bumper Stickers on an Xtracycle?

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  • parepidemos
    I have considered having my business name embroidered on my Freeloader fabric, but too pricey. Instead I m getting It s called a FreeRadical... business
    Message 1 of 2 , May 19, 2006
      I have considered having my business name embroidered on my Freeloader
      fabric, but too pricey. Instead I'm getting "It's called a
      FreeRadical..." business cards made. Nice and compact, won't wrinkle
      like flyers do. Since I'm ordering biz cards for my homegrown
      business, I get a second batch at a discount. (which I'm still

      Also, Xtracycle themselves has these cool bizcard-sized foldout things
      that say "Eleven Answers"-- basically a FAQ sheet for the X, with a
      little blank space in which you could write your own name and either a
      phone # or an email address. I got a handful of those in my last order
      and they are already gone. I wonder if we could ask for more? I
      wouldn't mind paying for them. I'm going to be paying to get my own
      much lamer ones made, anyway.
      -- Nic in South Central

      On May 19, 2006, at 4:15 AM, rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      > Message 5
      > From: "katethelizard" katethelizard@...
      > Date: Thu May 18, 2006 11:18pm(PDT)
      > Subject: Bumper Stickers on an Xtracycle?
      > Hi folks,
      > I once saw a BOB trailer where the owner had gotten a flexible sheet
      > of thin, sturdy plastic and bent it so that it fit inside the curved
      > front end of the trailer, and stuck up above it somewhat. It served as
      > a mudshield and container, but it also made a perfect platform for
      > bumper stickers. He rode the thing around the perimeter of the country
      > and countless people got to read his mind.
      > Since the Xtracycle itself is a radical innnovation, why not add to
      > its "wow!" factor with some suitably thought-provoking stickers (like
      > the ones available on the website)?
      > So, has anyone tried making a billboard out of an Xtracycle? I
      > envision somehow attaching a couple lightweight plastic panels to the
      > outside of the FreeLoaders, on which to put stickers and where they
      > would be more visible and durable than on the fabric. I want to do
      > this when I get mine (soon!) and just wondered what other folks have
      > tried. Would it get in the way of loading & tying on loads, catch the
      > wind too much, or get hamburgers thrown in my face by irate motorists?
      > (The latter happened to a friend riding an innocent road bike in the
      > hills of Virginia.)
      > Someone also once noted the idea of a handout sheet, and I thought of
      > that too. Are there any brochures out there?
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