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Re: [rootsradicals] Big Guy Big Question

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  • David Chase
    ... Don t forget tires. Someone 6 4 is a candidate for a 29er (700c) if you can find one used. Either case, you probably want the fattest tires you can
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 21, 2008
      On 2008-01-18, at 3:20 PM, Dane Buson wrote:

      > On Jan 18, Ben tripped the electrons lexically so:
      > > The question: Any large frame types out there riding an Xtracycle
      > > and can give me some advice or warnings regarding how well the
      > > Xtracycle mod will handle the weight?
      > The number one thing to be concerned about is wheels, then brakes,
      > then
      > forks.
      Don't forget tires. Someone 6'4" is a candidate for a "29er" (700c)
      if you can find one used.
      Either case, you probably want the fattest tires you can get;
      Schwalbe Big Apple is my default recommendation.

      Peter White Cycles is a good place to consult for wheels; much good
      advice there.

      Dyad is a good rim; I have that in the rear of my bike, 36 spokes, I
      think. It's called Aeroheat if 26", there's also CliffHanger.

      Sun Rhyno Lite is a cheaper, tough choice, sometimes available built
      into cheap wheels.

      So, for example, if you are feeling lucky, you could buy a PAIR of
      built-up Sun Rhyno Lite wheels for under $100; unfortunately, they
      only have 32 spokes. As risky as this sounds, that is what I use in
      the summer, but in combination with some of those exceedingly fat
      tires, which protect the spokes. I've carried around 100 lbs of
      stuff in back, and that added to my weight (220) puts the wheel load
      up into your league.

      I mention this only because getting a wheelset built for you, with 48
      spokes, good rims, etc, will cost 3 to 5 times that, at least looking
      at Peter White's rates, and then Sun rims have proven to be strong so
      far. So, if you buy them, and one fails, then you know that the
      large amount of money you will later spend for custom wheels is not

      One thing that an xtracycle will do for you is even out the weight
      distribution; unloaded, you and the bike will put about 200lbs on
      each wheel, instead of (say) 300 rear and 100 front.
      > At your weight I *highly* advise 48 spoke wheels.
      > Velocity Dyad Rim (there are other good choices)
      > Gusset Jury 48 spoke rear hub (135 mm OLD)
      > 14/15/14 DB spokes
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