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Re: Newbie wants his free radical

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  • Morgan
    Here you go: http://cgi.ebay.com/VINTAGE-BRIDGESTONE-MB-3-15-SPEED-MTB-19- INCH- GRAY_W0QQitemZ150207885537QQihZ005QQcategoryZ98083QQssPageNameZWDVWQQ
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 20 6:11 PM
      Here you go: http://cgi.ebay.com/VINTAGE-BRIDGESTONE-MB-3-15-SPEED-MTB-19-

      There are lots of great used steel bikes around, though some have more of a price tag for
      their name cachet than others. My current freeradical setup is on a Specialized
      Stumpjumper '92. Bridgestones are also great - the MB 2 and MB 3 are good tradeoffs
      between price and stoutness (MB-1 and MB-0 are collectors items, expensive but nice).
      Fat chance is my personal favorite (I have one) but they command a real price premium.
      Other decent brands from the late 80's or early 90's that wouldn't be so pricy now include
      Trek, Diamond Back, Kona, Marin, Bianchi.

      Unless you're going to do offroad with it, you probably want a frame on the large side, I
      am 6' tall and I have a 20" frame, it works great.

      If you want the swept back bars, you can always add them later. Have a look at Rivendell
      bikes, http://www.rivbike.com/, for some great options. I use the Albatross and love it.


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Sean Moore" <moore.sean@...> wrote:
      > So, I used to bike a lot as a kid. Not just the regular biking kids do but
      > weekly criterion racing, built a fixie and rode it at a velodrome when
      > Breaking Away came out, worked at a bike shop a little, volunteered at the
      > time trials with my Dad, biked in the rain to school, etc.
      > Once I found cars and girls, well.... no more biking. Dad had a bad wreck
      > where he almost got run over IIRC so he got out too.
      > I've been riding a bike that was given to my stepson, it seems to be a small
      > roadie frame (Koyota) with MTB parts on it and weird skinny knobby tires
      > that can't be more than 1.25 wide. It's strange but fun.
      > I want to come back to cycling and use an xtracycle as a car replacement for
      > trips to the store. I would love to commute some days with it but seeing as
      > I carry 100+lbs of tools most days that may be impractical.
      > So, the question:
      > What are used/cheap model suggestions for a 6'0" (32in inseam) male nearing
      > 40 years? I saw on the Stokemonkey site that Specialized Rockhoppers and
      > Stumpjumpers from the 90's were good for their application. What's a n00bie
      > to do?
      > I have no idea how mountain bikes should be sized, nor who the good
      > manufacturers are. I can still inspect bikes for roadworthieness. I plan
      > on getting the bike, riding it a week or so to get used to it and nearly
      > immediately putting a free radical on it. As money allowed I would probably
      > use e-assist but I'll pedal at first. Obviously the e-assist would make
      > hauling tools to work much easier.
      > Dumb it down as much as you think you should, I know nearly nothing of
      > brands and models of mountain bikes.
      > For some background: I would go with cheap v brakes at first and convert to
      > disc later. I like the swept back bars and bar-end shifters. I like old,
      > low tech stuff and inherently distrust grip and thumb shifters (yeah, I
      > know... 1985 called, they want their bike back). I like the idea of those
      > "Big Apple" (?) tires that are made for the street and provide lots of air
      > to ride on, hopefully eliminating an expensive and complicated suspension.
      > I want fenders, oh man do I want fenders! I won't use specific riding
      > shoes, I'd rather have toe clips and an aluminum shank bolted to the pedal.
      > Additionally, I am not a gram weenie ;)
      > Thanks in advance.
      > --
      > Sean Moore
      > moore.sean@...
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