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Come Along on Millie Tour

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  • vange elston
    Roots Needed on Tour!! The Xtracycle team is going on tour this summer. We need Roots Radicals for our road trip aboard the Millie Van. If you have any free
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2001
      Roots Needed on Tour!!
      The Xtracycle team is going on tour this summer.  We need Roots Radicals for our road trip aboard the Millie Van.
      If you have any free time that coincides with our dates and you want to hop on, see some of our fair country, and spread the word about Xtracycle, we would love to have you.
      Your role as a Roots Radical Millie Tourist:  To help us spread the word on the ground about Xtracycle and Sport Utility Bicycling!  And to have some fun!
      Below is a schedule of dates.  We need a few xtra folks for the first tour which is coming right up, SOOOO CHECK IT OUT!
      We especially need folks for the Portland Leg of the first adventure but we will gladly accommodate those interested in joining us for the whole week.
      The Northwest Millie Tour         Wednesday July 11th - Tuesday July 17
      North San Juan, California:  Start at Xtracycle Headquarters
      Bend, Oregon:  Cascade Bike Festival, Bike and Outdoor shop visits, Kayak play spot evening ride and social
      Eugene, Oregon:  Drop off Oregon Country Fair contingent of Xtracycle team
      Portland, Oregon:  Bike and Outdoor shop visits, Gorge Games Guerilla Marketing Plunge, Demo Day on the Waterfront
      Eugen, Oregon:  Pick up OCF contingent
      North San Juan, California:  End Xtracycle Headquarters
      Outdoor Retailer Rocky Mountain Tour    Tuesday, August 14th - Saturday August 25th  (to be confirmed)
      North San Juan, California
      Salt Lake City, Utah
      Boulder, Colorado
      Other Colorado Towns
      Moab, Utah
      North San Juan, California
      Interbike Southwest Desert Tour      Friday, September 28th - Wednesday, October 10th
      North San Juan, California
      Las Vegas, Nevada
      Flaggstaff, Arizona
      New Mexico Towns (TBA)
      Austin, Texas
      North San Juan, California
      Xtracycle will spring for food, accommodations, and any event fees.  We will be camping, crashing with friends and family, and staying at a hostel.  We will collaborate on meals, shopping, and various chores.
      This first tour is coming up fast, so please get back to us ASAP if you think you can make it!!
      I look forward to talking with you soon. 
      (530) 292-1401
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