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bike transport

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  • Devian Gilbert
    yeah! so im back in monterey tmrrw am is the classic Saturday Morning Ride (SMR) with Velo Club Monterey (VCM) www.VcMonterey.org i miss the peeps, the ride,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2007
      so im back in monterey
      tmrrw am is the classic Saturday Morning Ride (SMR) with Velo Club Monterey (VCM)  www.VcMonterey.org
      i miss the peeps, the ride, the scenery, etc.
      a few peeps have seen me around but not not much.

      too bad the forecast calls for rain, but i remain optimistic
      if not a ride Sat, then hopefully Sunday.
      wow, i miss those nice long rides, pace lines, and the general rapport...

      today was back out to the storage and fiddle with my bikes.
      some new velox for my Salsa
      and to retrieve the Fondriest road bike, complete with Record groupo and Zipp 404's
      Ooo...that bike is silly fast, and i always wonder why the heck i ride something like that...oh ya...cuz its F A S T

      things on the xtra are easy.
      just remove the wheels, place them in wheel bags, then put the floor pump and wheels in the BOB trailer bag
      put the bike on one side of the Xtra, strap it down in the freeloaders front and rear
      do the same on the other side with the BOB trailer bag
      and then use the middle strap(s) to connect it all together.

      toss a few incidental items in the panniers, like roadie shoes, Hammer Gel, etc

      its not dreadfully cold, but its been a dad damp, and just for comfort sake, i've been using the Moose Mitts
      today i tossed in a set of chemical hand-warmers just to be spoiled.

      at times i think about getting bike trays for the wideloaders, but its just too much.  too crazy.  more stuff
      and at this time of change in my life, the last thing i need is more stuff.  especially when its so easy to just transport a bike on the xtra like i do.
      if anything...i think of buying a bike bag or two.
      if that where the situation, then it would Xtra-easy

      again...boy do i sure like those $120 wheels i got from performance, complete with Town and Country tyres, with Slime tubes.  even put new brake pads on before i left Ventura.
      slime is funny, and in my mind, is fun too.
      its funny cuz when you first get on the bike, you can feel the wheels, going round and round, in unbalanced egg shape wheel, feeling
      then....then...ITS SUPER SMOOTH, as the slime spins round and round and self balances the wheels....WOOSH....and your gone.....
      so cool!

      i think i want to put a little in my road tubes....???
      slime in my road tubes on a set of 404's...???
      the roadie brain kind of goes...crackle crackle...
      but me thinks...good idea!
      just a little bit


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