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  • vange elston
    Hello Roots Radicals: This Spring and Summer the Xtracycle crew is embarking on several new adventures to continue to bring the Xtracycle Free Radical to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2001

      Hello Roots Radicals:

      This Spring and Summer the Xtracycle crew is embarking on several new adventures to continue to bring the Xtracycle Free Radical to the masses. As Charter members of the Roots Radicals we wanted to inform you about the changes and get you involved.

      You are out there riding the Xtracycle and we want to arm you with information and provide better opportunities to be part of the community and spread the word.

      Here's the rundown of news and changes:

      Web site:

      The new site will help web travelers find out about the Xtracycle Free Radical and the benefits of the sport utility lifestyle. It will be much easier to buy Xtracycle Free Radicals and accessories and find bike dealers for installation.

      There will be some great sections that will present the Xtracycle with detailed visuals and other sections that will be dedicated to our associated ideas, missions and dreams. There will be special sections for your ideas and communicating with kindreds.

      Local Focus:

      With the website in place we need to hit the ground. The Xtracycle crew will be infiltrating the bike groups, shops, beaches, and parks in some of the top bike -friendly communities. These are our first targets but we will roll out quickly from here:

      Portland, Oregon

      Davis, California

      Berkley, California

      Santa Cruz, California

      Boulder, Colorado

      Amherst, Massachusetts

      Some of you are from these areas and we will keep you informed. Can't wait to meet you if we haven't all ready and look forward to your support at local events.

      The Xtracycle team plans to tour this summer and fall. We could be in your area if there is a cool event happening. Please email or call Vange (the new kid- see below) with your ideas and to get your community on the list of stops on the tour! Also, please feel free to climb aboard Millie the school bus and come along to the next stop!

      Intern Program:

      This program launches in Fall, interns will be able to earn credit and, in some cases, earn cash by signing on as Xtracycle Interns. Internship parameters can be flexible to align with marketing, design, environmental studies programs.


      Getting Involved

      That's just a few things were working on. Let's talk about how to get involved.

      How you get involve depends on your time, interest and skills. Here's a list of what we are thinking about.

      Feed back, stories and photos: For the web site we are looking for feedback, ride journals, and photos of the Xtracycle in action. This is an immediate call for information. This information will be included in our launch next month.

      Contributors: Long term we are looking for on-going contributors. If you are so inclined, have some experience or need some experience contact us and we will work with you to find a common ground with your ideas and our ideas.

      Local support: In order to siege our local market targets we want to make some noise. We are looking for people to help find local opportunities through business and special event collaborations. If you live in one of our local markets or know someone who does contact us and we'll get the dialogue going.

      Stickers: We are about to produce a batch of Xtracycle stickers. Drop us a line and we will send you some. Let's us know how you are going to distribute. We love to track these things.

      Your input: Let us know what you would like to do to support Xtracycle and our mission in your area. Even if yours not in one of our local markets, talk to us. We will be expanding into other markets on the ground soon enough. A big idea is a good reason to come to town.

      Your input is incredibly important. With your input we can help our cause and maybe yours too. Other ideas are kicking around here and with some feedback from the Roots Radicals we can make them a reality. What do you think about an affinity program? That's a big word for if you refer sales you get a commission. It could be a simple word-of-mouth referral credited to you or a link on your website. Also, we are committed to hiring bike-oriented enlightened people. Getting to know you as a Roots Radical is the best interview and recommendation we can think of.

      One last note: Jen, our wonderful Roots coordinator, is riding down the hill into San Francisco to take a new job and be a Roots Radical herself. Evangeline (Vange) is the latest addition to the Xtracycle crew.

      Vange will be coordinating our marketing efforts. She is a cool bike girl, an adventurer, and a community builder, three traits when combined create a powerful force in Xtracycle's outreach potential. She will be heading up the grass roots organization of the Roots Radicals and the summer tour so definitely get in touch with her asap with your brilliant ideas. Vange is super excited to be on the team and would love to get to know everyone personally. She needs your help.  You are the folks on the ground creating the revolution!

      So if your ready to get involved and want more info about any of our next steps and input requests please email Vange at vange@...


      Kipchoge Spencer





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