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Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Synchronicity

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  • Matt McKinney
    i love your email. i love the idea that someone, somewhere gets it. and 45 m.p.h. +? i m an xtracycler and bike commuter (a dozen uprights hang in my garage
    Message 1 of 4 , May 4, 2006
      i love your email. i love the idea that someone, somewhere gets it. and 45 m.p.h. +? i'm an xtracycler and bike commuter (a dozen uprights hang in my garage and each morning is a lovely session of picking out  the ride for the day) but no fairinged wheels in my garage. yet.

      iam me <budhaboy@...> wrote:
      What I can't figure out is;  how any self proclaimed intelligent being
      would even drive one of those death boxes....  You should be ashamed,
      or at least sheepishly embarrassed... ;^)

      Seriously though,  I stopped driving almost nine years ago.  I own two
      recumbent bicycles,  a standard upright and my xteracycle....

      For relatively short jaunts, (twenty miles or less), I tend to enjoy
      my upright.  Curb hopping,  wheelie popping and a lifetime of
      familiarity makes this a standard in any truly sapien hominid home.

      Commuting and one or two day long distance runs,  (fifty plus miles a
      day),  I consistently choose a recumbent.  My Burly full suspension is
      comfortable at consistent speeds of fifteen to twenty five MPH,  and
      my fairinged Easy Racer eats up the miles cruising at 45+ MPH

      But invariably I find myself tooling around on my xtracycle.  I can't
      imagine dragging one or two extra wheels just to fetch food from the
      farmers market.  Two bottles of wine with a pound of asparagus,  ten
      pounds of brown rice, five pounds of oranges, bread, beagles, some
      cereal and my lovely mate all brought three miles home.

      How did humans survive before this lemming like psychosis of cars cars

      It's a pity that few people outside of the xtraycycle realm are
      speaking up for our great grand children.... I mean,  heck,  I can
      hardly go anywhere without my eyes watering and my lungs burning from
      the putrid stench of auto exhaust.

      So,  I answer to your query;  Yes,  you can comfortably and easily
      become emancipated from the short sighted and self destructive
      delusion that you can't live without a car.....

      Free your mind,  and your ass will follow.   ;^D




      iam me


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "enaidiam" <diane@...> wrote:
      > Hi all -- I just joined this group the other day. I'm in Silicon
      Valley and I am so tired of the
      > traffic around here (sound familiar) I knew I had to find a way of
      using my bike better. I
      > stumbled across the Xtracycle during a web search on some other
      stuff, and instantly I
      > thought: I want that. So I figured I would find a group of people
      already happy with (or crazy
      > over) the Xtracycle and ask questions, etc.
      > Then, today, driving up Los Gatos Blvd. (and stuck in traffic) what
      do I see but: an Xtracycle
      > speeding down the boulevard. First time I've ever seen one.
      > I think this is CLEARLY a sign I have to get one.

      Yahoo! Messenger with Voice. Make PC-to-Phone Calls to the US (and 30+ countries) for 2ยข/min or less.

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