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Re: [rootsradicals] Re: New to rootsradicals from Melbourne, Australia

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  • Pete B
    Shane, You read right, I chuck Beer & Ice directly in the Freeloader. I generally use the SUB Eskies for bringing home frozen goods or when I need to take
    Message 1 of 6 , May 1, 2006

      You read right, I chuck Beer & Ice directly in the Freeloader.

      I generally use the SUB Eskies for bringing home frozen goods or when I
      need to take items that have to keep cold for a while.

      I've also used the Eskies to bring Pizza home from the local shop.
      I lay the esky down on it's back and strap it to the top of the
      snapdek. It's then the perfect hot box for a couple of medium pizzas.

      The longest trip I've taken when fully loaded, was a 100 K round trip
      from Sale to Seaspray over the New Years break. It wasn't a full on
      camping trip (no tent, sleeping mat or cooking gear) but I did take
      clothes, a sleeping bag, fresh food & drinks for a comfortable 3 day
      stay in a holiday cabin down there.


      frangair wrote:

      >Hi Pete, thanks for your reply!
      >I sought to get an xtra in about 2002 or thereabouts but the
      >importer was indeed asking about $700! That was cheeky monkey in
      >sydney. Not worth it for me at that stage. However a few years
      >later a friend of mine kept offering me $200 for an old shogun
      >touring bike I had and I succumbed to the temptation of using
      >this for the xtra purchase (now regretted). However, by this
      >stage cheeky monkey was getting out of xtra's because they
      >couldn't move them. I think this had a lot to do with the poorer
      >exchange rate at that time.
      >Anyway I could now purchase one from them for $450 because they
      >just wanted to get rid of their remaining stock, and what with
      >the $200 for my old bike it was now worth it. However they did
      >not ever deliver the wide loaders or long loaders, these I have
      >recently purchased from chainringtransitauthority, the guy there
      >seems like a good bloke, replaced my broken sidestand for free
      >and chucked in a tube of phil's grease as well. My sidestand had
      >broken after I'd picked up a very heavy 6 foot pine bookshelf and
      >lugged it home from a streetside chuckout.
      >Pete are you saying that you just chuck ice and some cold ones
      >straight in the Freeloaders and let the water drain out from
      >there or that you purchased the SUB eskies and do it that way?
      >Sounds like a good idea, I suppose it's not really gonna hurt the
      >freeloaders with a bit of cold water I might try that...
      >I have taken the xtra on a trip of the mundabiddi trail
      >(http://www.mundabiddi.org.au/) with my 9 year old son in 2004.
      >That was only 2 days, we seriously loaded up with chocolate and
      >treats to keep up the morale for him, it was a fantastic trip he
      >has asked to do it again. He was on his own bike, not on the
      >back of the xtra by the way. So that track is single lane
      >laterite "pea gravel" ie. very slippery, heaps of hills and
      >erosion breakaways and bumps etc. the xtra handled it with
      >absolutely no probs at all -- it was a dream. Apart from that
      >trip no tours but of course I dream. Family commitments etc.
      >When you say you bought it as a shop bike - did you have a cycle
      >shop? I have only come across 1 bike shop that doesn't think i'm
      >a complete loony with this bike, they just don't get it. However
      >people respond very positively. One day I was doing the family
      >shopping with the twins on the back - if you can picture it;
      >heaps of shopping stuck out wide then the twins piling on outside
      >Coles. A lady came up to me and said "Good on ya!" with great
      >emphasis, I still remember feeling very chuffed.
      >For quite a while we had no car and I had to pick up the twins
      >on the back of the xtra from school and take them home (about
      >I have taken the bike to Rottnest island (no cars allowed over
      >there) and it was fantastic. Piled up with camping chairs and
      >picnic stuff and kids fun was had by all.
      >I have put in a schmidt dynohub and some good lights, in my
      >opinion a fantastic addition for winter commuting, very bright,
      >always works, can't forget batteries/charging. I find the extra
      >weight of the bike a bit tough after I've been on leave for a few
      >weeks but after a few more weeks of riding it we're back to
      >normal. YOur 27 km commute on the xtra is impressive, mine is 18
      >km each way from Fremantle to south perth.
      >The idea of a disk brake sounds like a good move. I think
      >touring in hilly country would really push the limits of my
      >by for now and thanks for making contact
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