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  • Jim Roberts
    ... From: Nate Byerley To: rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2007 8:35 AM Subject: [SPAM] [rootsradicals] Re: How You Can Help
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      Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2007 8:35 AM
      Subject: [SPAM] [rootsradicals] Re: How You Can Help Xtracycle Succeed

      Hey all, 

      Thanks for the rapid turnaround on the surveys.  I've collected 21 responses in 4 days -- a great start.  Keep them coming.  There's some truly amazing stuff hidden away in these stories--the kind of stuff that affirms what we're attempting to do, and helps us understand how to grow the movement.  Now is a critical time for Xtracycle's growth (through the traditionally slow winter) and we need your help to keep stoking people on the power of everyday adventure.  We thank you, we salute you, we admire you and we challenge you to spread the word.  Keep those responses coming.  Questions are reposted below:

      1. When/where did you first learn about the Xtracycle?
      I decided to try to reduce my dependancy on a car and did an Internet search for "commuter bike" which somehow led me to the Xtracycle website.  I had ridden my bike to work a little in the past and on ocassion would ride to the farmer's market, etc., but this looked like something completely different.  I hated having to wear a backpack and was not wild about adding saddlebags or a rack to my bike.
      2. How many months did it take for you to actively start learning about the Xtracycle
      (i.e. calling us, checking the website, asking friends, visiting a bike shop? What prompted you to look into the product?
      I looked at the website for quite a while that day and read what other people had to say about them.  I watched a lot of videos on the website and YouTube and then joined the rootsradicals list and asked some questions.  It was probably about 2 weeks from the time I discovered Xtracycle until I had ordered one.
      3. What obstacles stood in the way of you becoming an Xtracycle owner?  Please be as specific as you can here.  What were your reservations, fears, resistances.  Details baby!  I am pretty cheap and $350 for an accessory was pretty expensive.  I wanted to make sure I would use it instead of just parking it in the garage.  I was mostly a roadie riding in full roadie regalia prior to the X and I had to make sure I could ride a different looking bike in normal clothes. 
      4. Did you purchase your Xtracycle from a bike shop? What was that experience
      like? What shop did you use?
      I purchased directly from Xtracycle and installed it the day it was delivered.
      5. How long did it take until you purchased an Xtracycle for yourself?
      About 2 weeks after I learned they existed.
      6. How did you get over your reservations/ fears (if you had any) about owning and using
      an Xtracycle?  Said another way: what fears that you had were resolved or worked around, and how?
      I wasn't sure if I was buying just another thing that seemed cool for my bike but would fail live up to its promise.  The feedback from others has to be weighed, keeping differences in lifestyle, age, experience, community, etc. in mind.  I think we all want to know that other people who fit our description of normal are using them in ways we can imagine using them.  Many of the responses I got from this list were great and convinced me to take the plunge.  Even those who responded but seem to live a completely different lifestyle provided great information that helped me decide.  I heard from many people that you just had to experience using an Xtracycle; I would agree.
      7. Describe your experience of Xtracycle ownership?
      I love it!  I still drive my car when I need to but I keep finding new advantages to riding the X.  There is a definite coolness factor to riding the only Xtracycle in town and answering the questions about it.  I have put gas in my car only once since the middle of August.  I will save enough money in gas soon enough to pay for the Xtracycle but the rewards to the environment and to my well-being are immeasurable and have already justified the cost.
      8. Do any of your family/friends own an Xtracycle?
      Not yet.  I continue to tell people about it and spread the word.
      Jim Roberts
      Ellensburg, WA

      Peace, Nate

    • Morgan
      Carl I just got my dual blue down low glow yesterday. It was supposed to be a birthday present, but it s a while past my birthday... Anyway, I m excited to
      Message 46 of 46 , Mar 8, 2008
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        I just got my dual blue down low glow yesterday. It was supposed to
        be a birthday present, but it's a while past my birthday... Anyway,
        I'm excited to have the blue glow. I've also been using some blue
        spoke lights. I think i will be well seen!

        (that plus dual headlights, a flash flag, and the brightest rear
        blinkie avaialable!)


        > Ben,
        > Thank you for sharing.
        > I just ordered my DLG Dual "Down Low Glow" from Paul freedman. His
        > site is
        > http://www.Fossilfool.com
        > It ties into the http://www.rockthebike.com site
        > and eventually ties into http://www.rockthebike.com/sound-systems
        > In talking with him he mentioned a smaller sound system for bikes.
        > Give him a call, I am sure
        > he can guide you onto the right path.
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