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Re: Gas prices/Free radicals/the revolution

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  • Susan
    I think people are starting to get scared... which often translates into anger... it s when leadership is crucial. (That s what makes *me* scared.) So I ve
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 26, 2006
      I think people are starting to get scared... which often translates
      into anger... it's when leadership is crucial. (That's what makes
      *me* scared.) So I've been trying to "lead" - but let's face it, the
      dependence is deeper than what would be solved by Xtracycles. How
      many jobs make people travel a **lot**? More importantly, whatever
      changes happen tend to happen in a way that makes the already in
      economic power stay that way... when times get economically tough
      things get harder for everybody who's not got a big ol' financial
      safety margin.
      NPR talked a lot about venture capitalists going after people doing
      alternative energy stuff, though.
      And on an individual basis... MAN, has this contraption saved me
      bucks. And done cool stuff. However, it's priced beyond the impulse
      threshold for people who care about saving the bucks - and that's what
      the latest jump in the gas prices might have changed (that "let's try
      this..." threshold). I know my first reaction was the email I sent to
      a buddy saying "here's another thing that looks cool, and fortunately
      it's too expensive to be tempting." It was a slow week at the job,
      though, so I had time to wander through the site and dream... and ever
      since I was 23 and bought a little motorcycle instead of a car, I had
      *really* wanted to get a bicycle for getting around.
      Here's the other thing that might be changing. I dreamed of being
      A Person Who Rides Her Bike... knowing that it was pretty far out on
      the fringes. And a year ago, in this college town, my cultural
      classification cruising through was "perhaps student, perhaps
      eccentric college prof, perhaps DUI, perhaps Challenged" (often
      depending on my choice of cycles and accessories).
      That's changed. Now there are more bikes... and more people who
      perceive me as Somebody Doing SOmething About It. (You can choose
      your it.) The Xtracycle is *obviously* not for imitating Lance; it's
      also obviously an intentional accessory, costing money, so it makes me
      less likely to be a reluctant rider (DUI, student, etc). I'd like to
      dream that it even inspires some thought... (hay, meybe *I* could do
      something about it, too)... and broadens the definition of "normal
      behavior" to include riding a bike. (Normal behavior has a pretty
      broad definition in Urbana, not quite as broad in Champaign.)
      Consciously appearing to be an Intentional Cyclist - maybe that's
      what could start some snoballing revolutionary momentum...

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "matt7john" <matt7john@...> wrote:
      > Does anyone else wonder what gas prices will mean for the Free Radical,
      > or if there's a chart in some Econ. prof's lecture book that shows
      > rising gas prices leading to fewer cars and more bikes? Gasoline here
      > in Minneapolis costs nearly $3 a gallon. I can think of dozens of
      > people I work with who would be perfectly happy with a Free Radical and
      > a Stoke Monkey chugging them back and forth to work, gasfree and
      > probably losing very little time on their commute. To ask it in a
      > simple question: is the revolution at hand?
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