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Re: [rootsradicals] Getting ready to roll

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  • Anne Littlebird
    So far I know of only one set of bollards on any of my routes - but then we don t have many bike paths! But I know what you are talking about. I ll need to
    Message 1 of 12 , Oct 3 4:09 PM
      So far I know of only one set of bollards on any of my routes - but then
      we don't have many bike paths! But I know what you are talking about.
      I'll need to make sure that I clear cars even farther though on that side.

      I loaded up the bike when I got home tonight so see how the folding
      table did without a long loader. It's a small wooden sewing table of my
      great grandmother's - about 100 years old, literally - that is actually
      lighter than those hard plastic topped folding tables. It's also fairly
      small. Well my heel clears the wideloader and the table by a good 6
      inches - there are some advantages to being small! It seems like it will
      work fine. The rest of the kit is just 2 rectangular grass baskets with
      the herb stuff and a small cooler for lunch etc. It's supposed to be 90
      degrees here - WAY above normal so I need to keep lunch cool.

      I'll borrow a chair from the office when I get there. The only folding
      stool I have is my keyboard/harp stool and it's heavy. I looked for a
      small hiking stool this past weekend but no one had one. Typical...

      murray wrote:
      > Remember to watch out for those bollards they put around bike paths
      > and pedestrian areas to stop cars driving through. Some of them around
      > here are only just wide enough to get through with two wideloaders on.
      > I've clipped one with a wideloader before and buckled my back wheel
      > when the impact shunted the bike sideways. Interestingly the
      > wideloader didn't bend; it only had a small scuff mark, but the wheel
      > was bent out of shape enough to make the tire rub the bike frame. I
      > give them plenty of space now.
      > I too have caught my heel when taking off before, as Juergen pointed
      > out. You only have to do it a couple of times for the lesson to sink
      > in. Nothing like a little pain to make the brain learn :-)
      > On 10/4/07, *Anne Littlebird* <issumatuq@...
      > <mailto:issumatuq@...>> wrote:
      > Yes and knowing me I'd catch my heel every time. Luckily I have small
      > feet so I might be OK. :)
      > Annie
      > Juergen Weichert wrote:
      > >
      > > Sounds like ou are having a great time! :-)
      > > WideLoaders are awesome.
      > >
      > > Just remember it is easy to "catch" your heel when starting off.
      > Get on
      > > your bike with the WideLoaders and with one foot on the ground
      > just move
      > > forward slowly so that you can figure out at which point you
      > catch your
      > > heel with the WL (if at all). Then you have to remember not to do
      > > that......
      > >
      > > Juergen
      > >

      Anne Littlebird
      Issumatuq Herbals
      P.O. Box 5161
      Louisville, KY 40255
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