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RE: [rootsradicals] Global warming doesn't matter

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  • Mighk Wilson
    ... simply running out of oil will save us from having to consciously and actively do something about it
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 1 7:19 AM
      >> Running out of oil is itself less of a danger than is our hoping that
      simply running out of oil will save us from having to consciously and
      actively do something about it<<

      It's important to understand we're not "running out of oil." "Peak Oil"
      means we have used up roughly half of the world's oil. What it means is
      we've run out of CHEAP oil. The first half of the oil you pull out of
      the ground is the "sweet" stuff that comes up easily. The second half
      is harder to get and of poorer quality, so it takes more energy to get
      it and to refine it into useful fuels. "Peak" also means that
      production will start declining and that exporting nations will export
      less as their own consumption increases. This is happening while global
      oil consumption is rising at about 2% a year. Get ready for gasoline at
      $4, $5, $6 a gallon in a few years.

      To be effective, countermeasures should have been implemented 20 years
      ago. Starting today is I'm afraid too little too late.

      Check out this quote; both the source and the year!

      "Today the automobile is the most uneconomical user of energy. Its
      efficiency is 5% compared with 23% for the Diesel-electric railway. It
      is the most ravenous devourer of fossil fuels, accounting for over half
      of the total oil consumption in this country. And the oil we use in the
      United States in one year took nature about 14 million years to create.
      Curiously, the automobile, which is the greatest single cause of the
      rapid exhaustion of oil reserves, may eventually be the first fuel
      consumer to suffer. Reduction in automotive use would necessitate an
      extraordinarily costly reorganization of the pattern of living in
      industrialized nations, particularly in the United States. It would
      seem prudent to bear this in mind in future planning of cities and
      industrial locations."
      -- Admiral Hyman Rickover, US Navy and US Atomic Energy Commission,


      "Grab that last bottle full of gasoline
      Light a toast to yesterday"
      -- Bruce Cockburn, "Mystery"
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