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Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Aggravated Assault

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  • Mark Garvey
    It isn t always practical of course, but keeping a camera with a flash locked and cocked might not be a bad idea. A while back, a friend pointed me to a
    Message 1 of 24 , Sep 29, 2007
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      It isn't always practical of course, but keeping a camera with a flash locked and cocked might not be a bad idea.  A while back, a friend pointed me to a website for women who are "victims" (I rather hate that word) or maybe the object of idiots who flash them in public, or constantly give them some sort of endless harassment.  So they started taking photos of them with their cell phones and posting them to this web site.  something like that would be worth it possibly.  Take a photo either with you cell or a camera.  It need not be elaborate, you can mount a camera on your bars or something. (a disposable camera??) Get one with a flash so you can  let the perp KNOW that you have recorded their idiocy.  

      I recently saw a camera designed to record segments of rides or skiing or whatever with a massive storage chip and cost $199. I don't have THAT, but it is an idea!

      Details of pros and cons will be debated endlessly I realize, but that is only ONE idea.


      On 9/29/07, Ryano <ryantokyo@...> wrote:
      As video recording equipment becomes cheaper and easier to use, I begin to feel it is our responsibility to record the kind of behaviour that reckless drivers sometimes get away with so that at some future date bicycle advocates can use all this footage to call for better road design and safety features for non-auto road users - the technology exists, we just need to convince a few old school types that it is a Good Idea (or get the old school types replaced).  I am looking forward to the day when I work out how to set up a simple system for recording these occassional events - I am sure that getting it on tape will make me feel better about letting the bast#$% go this time.

      But yes - retaliation is definitely not productive.  I find drivers and pedestrians in Japan generally very accommodating of cyclists and the reason (I believe) is that Japanese people tend not to retaliate if they think it may be counterproductive. 


      On 17/09/2007, Mighk Wilson < mwilson@...> wrote:

      Murray wrote:

      >>... just rise above it. Smile and get on with your day.
      Law-suits, sugar in gas tanks, letters to editors, etc etc is just
      playing the road ragers game and it NEVER ends untils someone gets
      hurt or arrested. It takes energy, lots of NEGATIVE energy to keep the
      game going and I'd rather not participate.<<

      How 'bout we agree that any sort of constructive response (not including
      returned violence or anger) that makes you feel better is fine? Some
      days I'm just in a smile-and-wave mood. Others I want to throw them in


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