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Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Going Carless

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  • Anne Littlebird
    Thanks Devian. I think this will be the one! I ve looked at it and it seems to fit what I need. Thanks for the advice! Annie ... -- Anne Littlebird Issumatuq
    Message 1 of 33 , Sep 10, 2007
      Thanks Devian. I think this will be the one! I've looked at it and it
      seems to fit what I need.

      Thanks for the advice!


      Devian Gilbert wrote:
      > Once upon a time i used to be all Joe Racer type, and i scored a set
      > of 2.4" Mutano Raptors...
      > i actually rode those tyres almost every day for over 2yrs.
      > i love that they can be rotated front and rear.
      > I'd have to say that they are my *FAVORITE TYRE OF ALL TIME.*
      > *
      > *
      > *peace...d*
      > *
      > *
      > "Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the
      > human race." H.G. Wells
      > http://www.AsanaCycles.com <http://www.AsanaCycles.com>
      > On Sep 9, 2007, at 3:29 PM, Morgan Giddings wrote:
      >> Hi Anne,
      >> So the tires I got are actually the MTB mutano raptors, which are an
      >> evolution of the
      >> velociraptors designed for better rolling. I tried them out this
      >> weekend on some dirt and
      >> paved roads (at low PSI around 40) and they seem great. Definitely
      >> less rolling resistance
      >> than the knobbies on my other mountain bike (which are designed for mud).
      >> I saw someone else suggest the Hutchison pythons. I actually had
      >> those on my hardtail
      >> mountain bike before I put the Mutano Raptors on. The pythons were
      >> good - but they
      >> weren't super durable for me (I had the "light" version), and seemed
      >> to have a bit more
      >> rolling resistance than the mutanos. And the Mutanos are a slightly
      >> higher-volume tire,
      >> which gives a bit more suspension when run at low pressure. Most
      >> importantly, the
      >> mutanos are a steal for $20 each at performance.
      >> While I agree with Mark about slicks, it's all about what you're
      >> comfortable with. I have a
      >> little road bike that has 120psi slicks and I like to ride it fast.
      >> But I don't take it anywhere
      >> near gravel or potholes. My commuter/xtracycle has Town + Countries,
      >> which are close to
      >> slicks, but I ride over gravel with them nearly every day (and glass,
      >> too). The only time I
      >> had a flat with those was when I broke a spoke. Living in North
      >> Carolina, however, I rarely
      >> deal with snow and ice anymore (I've lived in Wisconsin previously,
      >> so dealt with plenty of
      >> it in past lives!), so I'm comfortable with slicks. I think the
      >> bottom line is if you prefer
      >> tires with some knobs, there are several good options that will give
      >> you that without
      >> slowing you down too much.
      >> Good luck with the Xtracycle install at the shop. I did mine myself
      >> and it was surprisingly
      >> painless (unlike the stuck bottom bracket I spent 5 hours drilling on
      >> recently to restore an
      >> old bike into a singlespeed).
      >> Morgan
      >> --- In rootsradicals@
      >> <mailto:rootsradicals%40yahoogroups.com>yahoogroups.com, Anne
      >> Littlebird <issumatuq@...> wrote:
      >> >
      >> > Thanks Morgan! It's interesting that you went with the WTB Raptors
      >> since
      >> > I HAD WTB Velociraptors on it. They are more knobby than the raptors
      >> but
      >> > I thought they were great tires. I'm still kicking myself for not
      >> > getting them back - I was not paying attention than day. it cost me.
      >> >
      >> > I like having a bit more traction than needed - I've just found for me
      >> > with my lower weight that I like the grip and will go for it over
      >> > anything else. Particularly in the wet and going up hills. We aren't
      >> > flat here. I'll wait until the Xtra is here and then after riding see
      >> > what I feel about it.
      >> >
      >> > The LBS thought I was not nuts not to like the nameless taiwanese
      >> tires.
      >> > "But they were $20 a piece tires!" Yes and I'd stick pick a Subaru over
      >> > a landrover. I just might let the other shop put the X on - they at
      >> > least seemed excited to see it and may do it for cheaper.
      >> >
      >> > Annie
      >> >

      Anne Littlebird
      Issumatuq Herbals
      P.O. Box 5161
      Louisville, KY 40255
    • Anne Littlebird
      I couldn t really since I was trying to negotiate rush hour traffic on a VERY busy narrow road with a lot of angry people. The fact that she yelled at someone
      Message 33 of 33 , Sep 12, 2007
        I couldn't really since I was trying to negotiate rush hour traffic on a
        VERY busy narrow road with a lot of angry people. The fact that she
        yelled at someone in that situation is inexcusable - it could easily
        cause that person to become distracted which is not good in heavy traffic.

        And I wear fur too - I tell people it's just a cultural thing but in
        reality it's just smart. Both of my coats are old - both were gotten
        extremely cheap but they are warm! A short parka made by the Inuit and a
        full length raccoon coat. Both were in perfect shape when I found them
        at a thrift store for less than $100 for both. Taken care of they will
        out live me unless Peta finds me first. And if anyone damages the hat I
        was given by a group of Mongolian musicians I played with one night in
        Beijing I will be beyond upset. Should not have even gotten it back in
        the country since at the last minute I realized that the crown of it was
        leopard although all you see is the black fox and the tail that runs
        down my back. :)

        Mark Garvey wrote:
        > I would probably have gotten grumpy at her anyway. No "indian/Native
        > American" here, mostly Scots Irish and grumpy. Tell her to go...Ah
        > hell, never mind, I get in more trouble that way!
        > Why does PITA throw red paint on people wearing fur and NOT on people
        > wearing leather? Because little old ladies are easier to pick on than
        > Bikers!
        > Be a crab! Go for it kid!
        > mark (grumpy)
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