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Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Going Carless

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  • Mark Garvey
    ... EEEEK! 35 PSI tires!!!! YuK! OK, something that I have found that I LIKE a lot. Also inexpensive, which is a nice bonus. Primo Comets. Primo makes
    Message 1 of 33 , Sep 7, 2007
      On 9/7/07, Anne Littlebird <issumatuq@...> wrote:
      Nah, Mark. He's WAY too young.

      Anyway I went to ride the MTB to work yesterday and I had to fill upt
      hte tires a little and noticed they were more balloon type and were
      30-35 PSI. Huh? Well not used to that. but I was going to work and I set
      off on it.

      EEEEK!  35 PSI tires!!!!  YuK!  OK, something that I have found that I LIKE a lot.  Also inexpensive, which is a nice bonus.  Primo Comets.  Primo makes pretty good tires, and the Comets are very nice!  they are a cross between a fat tire and a road tire.  Minimal tread, but 26 x 1.5 and 100 PSI.  I have been running mine at about 80 or so which seems to be about right.  I am about 240 lbs and my bike has that 30 lbs of electric assist aboard so they are not wimpy tires.  I have run them pretty consistently on several recumbents, including a trike and they seem to wear pretty well.  they will not do if you go off road much on the bike however.  Not that they are BAD or anything, but they slip on wed and soft stuff, though onnearly anything else, they are pretty grippy.  another that I have found that I "like" (with reservations) is the Maxxis Hookworm.  Hella Stout tire!  Go through anything, and has a strange sort of snaky looking tread, 100 psi again, but I think they feel SLOW.  I put them on my wife's retrike 707!  They would be SUPER street monster tires, but i have had ZERO difficulties with the Comets.  If you want FAST and super responsive, look into Continental SportContacts which are really nice, hard High pressure tires.  I have used them, but they are more like 26 inch roadie tires.  Stout, but narrow.  By the way, Comets seem to be about $20 a tire, Hooks a bit less and the Sportcontacts about $35-40 each.  I like the comets best personally.  They work WELL in most conditions EXCEPT hardcore off road and are super for streets.  Very fast!


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      Mark  Garvey
      Cedar Rapids, Iowa free state!

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    • Anne Littlebird
      I couldn t really since I was trying to negotiate rush hour traffic on a VERY busy narrow road with a lot of angry people. The fact that she yelled at someone
      Message 33 of 33 , Sep 12, 2007
        I couldn't really since I was trying to negotiate rush hour traffic on a
        VERY busy narrow road with a lot of angry people. The fact that she
        yelled at someone in that situation is inexcusable - it could easily
        cause that person to become distracted which is not good in heavy traffic.

        And I wear fur too - I tell people it's just a cultural thing but in
        reality it's just smart. Both of my coats are old - both were gotten
        extremely cheap but they are warm! A short parka made by the Inuit and a
        full length raccoon coat. Both were in perfect shape when I found them
        at a thrift store for less than $100 for both. Taken care of they will
        out live me unless Peta finds me first. And if anyone damages the hat I
        was given by a group of Mongolian musicians I played with one night in
        Beijing I will be beyond upset. Should not have even gotten it back in
        the country since at the last minute I realized that the crown of it was
        leopard although all you see is the black fox and the tail that runs
        down my back. :)

        Mark Garvey wrote:
        > I would probably have gotten grumpy at her anyway. No "indian/Native
        > American" here, mostly Scots Irish and grumpy. Tell her to go...Ah
        > hell, never mind, I get in more trouble that way!
        > Why does PITA throw red paint on people wearing fur and NOT on people
        > wearing leather? Because little old ladies are easier to pick on than
        > Bikers!
        > Be a crab! Go for it kid!
        > mark (grumpy)
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