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Tall Bike Britain Tour

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  • Merlin Matthews ~ Re~Cycle
    Hi Merlin here, I set up and run Re~Cycle, the bicycle charity. Millions of bicycles are thrown away or left to rust in the UK while millions of people in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2006
      Tall Bike Britain Tour

      Merlin here, I set up and run Re~Cycle, the bicycle charity.

      Millions of bicycles are thrown away or left to rust in the UK while millions of people in Africa are forced by lack of transport to walk up to 4-hours per day, to school, work or fetching water.

      More about Re~Cycle in attached file and on Re~Cycle's award winning web site  ~

      Two London lads doing a sponsored ride round the UK , on 'Tall Bikes'.

      Below is a Press release with info on what they're doing.

      13th March 2006
      Brothers to circumnavigate Britain on tall bikes - Record Breaker

      Two brothers from London are to cycle around Britain perched seven feet above the ground, on an expedition called Tall Bike Tour Britain.
      Will and Ed Stevens will pedal 4,500 miles around the British coastline on a pair of specially-built tall bikes, in order to raise money for three British cycle-related charities.

      The brothers - both over six foot tall themselves - have already ridden their custom-made touring’ tall bikes 150 miles from Leicester to London, and are now making preparations for their big departure from Buckingham Palace on the 1st of April. They will record their 5-month journey and keep an online diary which they will update regularly.

      23-year-old younger brother Ed says, "Tall Bikes have never been ridden such a long distance before. It is not the most efficient form of cycling - our expedition has been likened to pushing a peanut from Land's End to John O’Groats with your nose."

      "However, the bikes attract enormous attention wherever we go. We are confident that the ride will be successful in raising bicycle awareness around the country, as well as raising money for the charities Re~Cycle, Sustrans, and Cyclemagic Community Projects. We are excited about the project and are looking forward to pedalling high above the hedgerows!"

      More information and photos can be found on the brothers’ website,  http://www.tallbiketourbritain.com
      "cycling at a higher level"
      43 Aberdeen Rd, London N5 2XD
      tel : 0207 226-7730  (07812-082518)

      Many Thanks

      Merlin Matthews   
      Founder and CEO
      Re~Cycle  ~  Bicycle Aid for Africa

      Winner of the 1st "Upstart Award", run by the New Statesman and Centrica, £15,000 and support ~ more in depth expert 3rd party validation of Re~Cycle's simple and extremely effective work. 
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        _    (*)/(*)       

       "Take an unwanted bike lying in the UK, ship it to a country where it's really needed and teach the local people the skills to fix and maintain it."

      Mobile +44 (0) 797 073 15 30
      Home  0845 4 58 07 58  =  +44 1273 729 067

      London (No bikes yet Please) 0845 458 0 851 =  +44 20 7793 1110
      LMHS, 286b Kennington Road, London, SE11 5DU

      Colchester (Bikes, parts and tools please) 0845 458 0 852 = +44 1206 863 111
      Unit A Global Park, Moorside, Eastgates, Colchester, CO1 2TW      

      Brighton (No Bikes Please!) +44 1273 7 666 08
      Brighton Eco Centre, 39-41 Surrey Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3PB

      http://www.re-cycle.org -  the AWARD WINNING site (Netscape + AOL), please link
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