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RE: [rootsradicals] Re: Touring with an Xtracycle

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  • Brent Mansfield
    Thanks again Murray, The upholstered seat looks really good. I am sure any passengers I might have would greatly appreciate it. How does it hold up to the
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      Thanks again Murray,
      The upholstered seat looks really good. I am sure any passengers I might
      have would greatly appreciate it. How does it hold up to the water? I was
      also curious if you knew anyone who put an Xtracycle on a road/hybrid bike.
      I thinking about putting an Xtracycle on my 2055 Cannondale Sport Road 500
      (http://www.cannondale.com/bikes/05/cusa/model-5RR5Y.html). Every picture
      that I have seen on any website seems to be with a mountain bike. I was
      wondering what people thought about putting it on such a hybrid that leans
      toward the roadie side of the continuum. I was think I would need to get a
      stronger rear wheel, probably something like a Sun Rhyno Lite 36-hole, and a
      slightly bigger tire, such as a Panaracer Pasela TG 700 x 32C. Thanks for
      your time.

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      From: "Murray Neill" <murrayneill@...>
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      Subject: [rootsradicals] Re: Touring with an Xtracycle
      Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 03:35:31 -0000

      Yes, my friend does have an upholstered snapdeck. He took the
      original snapdeck into a local furniture manufacturer and they charged
      him $50 (NZ) to do it. Here's some better pics of it:
      The wideloaders were the only accessories I bought and I only really
      needed them because I was taking the dog. My friend Devon did the same
      trip (without a dog) and didn't need them (even though he owns a set).
      I used the front bags for a couple of reasons. First I think a loaded
      bike handles a bit better if the weight is spread between the front
      and the rear. The xtracycle could have carried everything I needed at
      the back if I had too. The other reason was that I kept all the stuff
      I needed handy up front (camera, coffe and tea making facilities, etc)
      so I could get to it easily during a days riding without having to
      unpack the big dry bags I had strapped into the freeloaders. In those
      I kept the things I would only need when camping (sleeping bag, tent,
      clothes etc.) Also by having the extra bags things didn't have to be
      meticulously packed to make it all fit. I had room to spare so I could
      be a little more relaxed about packing up and I could fit luxuries
      like a loaf of bread without crushing it.
      On a side note... the thing I loved about touring like this was the
      feeling a independance it gives you. When you know that everything you
      NEED (as opposed to everything we 'think' we need) is there with you,
      on your bike. After a few weeks you begin to wonder why you need
      anything else. You realise you can 'live' like this and all the
      trappings of modern life that we work our guts out to obtain are not
      important at all.

      All the best.

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Brent Mansfield"
      <brent_mansfield@...> wrote:
      > Murray,
      > Thanks for the email. Looks like an amazing trip! I think you might
      > just sold me on going out and getting my own! I am hoping on biking
      > Vancouver, Canada to Northern California next spring and I think it
      > just be perfect. A few questions though if you don't mind. Is that a
      > seat that your fellow touring xtracyclist as put on his bike? How
      did he do
      > it? Were the wideloaders the only extra accessories that you
      purchased? Did
      > you use front panniers because of lack of room or for another
      reason? Thanks
      > again for your helpfulness.
      > Brent

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