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Produce this film. No skill needed.

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  • Kipchoge Ogie
    My fellow roots, * I m writing to ask for $30 from you today*, to support a project so dear to the Xtracycle heart: finishing *Stuck on Earth*, the epic film
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2011
      My fellow roots,

        I'm writing to ask for $30 from you today, to support a project so dear to the Xtracycle heart: finishing Stuck on Earth, the epic film about the Ginger Ninjas' bicycle rock-n-roll tour to Mexico and putting it in front of people around the world, to inspire them to ride bikes and follow their hearts.

        As much as I believe in what we're doing, I believe equally that you will benefit 10-fold from supporting this film. I'm inviting and asking you to be an essential part of the production of a work that changes peoples lives. When I started the rootsradicals list about 10 years ago, I never dreamed it would become as vibrant of a community for sharing ideas about all things Xtracycle, and beyond. I think our community and collective power grow stronger as we support each other, and I reach out to you in that spirit.

        For your donation, you will receive a signed copy of the DVD of the film and the live album of recordings from the momentous tour. Xtracycle has also generously offered a Radish to the cause. Maybe you know a family who could really use one. Consider pledging and giving the Radish as a gift and how sweet it would feel to enable a family to experience what you've experienced with your Xtracycle.

        Have you ever seen a film that inspired you to do something you've been wanting to do? Or gave you hope for the same world that you've been worrying about? Or simply entertained and captured your whole imagination for 90 minutes? I bet you have. The trip affected us each so profoundly and forever, and it was captured so beautifully by the film crew, I can't help but deeply believe watching it will affect you, too.

        Can you pre-order your copy of the film and album for just $30, and in so doing kick off a cascade of ripples?

        We have 9 days to go to reach our fundraising goal on Kickstarter. If we reach it, we keep all the pledges. If we don't, they're all returned. It's all or nothing in this game. Can you help make it ALL! Donations are securely processed by Amazon Payments.

      in gratitude,


      P.S. If you feel like giving more than $30, or less, it's all possible! There are some other great rewards available, including a 9-day river trip with Bio Bio Expeditions in Patagonia, coming on tour with us to Mexico, a stay at a villa on an organic farm in Kauai, and lots more.

      P.P.S. Thank you thank you to all of you who've already pledged.

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