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Re: [rootsradicals] possible future option for bike lights

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  • Andrew Kreps
    ... That s a pretty nice idea. I have one of these, and I get a lot of comments on it: http://www.modernbike.com/itemgroup.asp?IGPK=2126177306 It s b r i g h
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 15, 2011
      On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 10:56 AM, Jenni Ertl <ertlnet@...> wrote:

      That's a pretty nice idea.  I have one of these, and I get a lot of comments on it:

      It's b r i g h t and colorful, which helps sideways visibility a lot.  The downside?  Three double a's mean a lot of weight traveling around the wheel.  I'm in the process of relocating the batteries to the hub to help the weight distribution.  I've ridden through two winters with it attached and no water problems.

      The second light I like, which I don't have experience with, is the Reelight.  The magnetic induction is very attractive.  http://www.reelight.com/
      They do specify 3mm or less distance between the magnets, which could be tricky on the back side of the Xtracycle.  

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