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  • Mark Garvey
    ... Y know, the funny thing here is that my MTB (OK, an OLD Jamis! that I got FREE coz it was being tossed in the dumpster! the P.O, GAVE it to me, I didn t
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 27, 2007
      On 7/26/07, Devian Gilbert <asanacycles@...> wrote:
        Dylan was/
      is beyond super stoked to get a "fast" bike, as he's been in a 2 decade affair with the MTB.
      the CX bike is his first 700c.
      awhile back i had sent him a rack and set of panniers.  that blew his mind.  its funny how
      we get caught up in our ways.  me not being an exception.  using a set of bags, and
      getting the messenger bag off of my back is a welcomed luxury.

      Y'know, the funny thing here is that my MTB (OK, an OLD Jamis! that I got FREE 'coz it was being tossed in the dumpster!  the P.O, GAVE it to me, I didn't just snatch it, done that before too however!  got a really nice simple road bike a while back that needed a wheel true to get it perfect!)

      Anyway, My Jamis felt pretty sluggish with the big ol fat tires on it, so I swapped them for a cheap set of bald tread street tires I had laying around ($10 Wal Mart tires!) and It was pretty nice!  then I finally popped for a set of decent street tires.  In this case Primo Comets.  which are 100 psi road tires and pretty sturdy.  26 x 1.5.  THAT alone makes the bike much "faster"/easier to pedal.  My "off road" riding is pretty much confined to bike trails or gravel roads, not singletrack.

      Secondly, I may not always stick fenders on a bike, but I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS put some way of carrying things because unless I am REALLY desperate or in a HUGE hurry, I almost never carry a backpack or messenger bag.  i have an ancient pair of low cost panniers that work pretty well, and a new set of Banjo Brothers bags that I don't really like much.  But then the X will be here soon and I won't have to deal with that any more.   On the other hand, I shall make sure I install a hitch for my little yellow trailer and for my Trek Transit trailer so that my grand daughters Olivia and Sydney can ride along!  My X is going to be MY SUV.  SWMBO can HAVE the Minivan!  at least when it is not raining or -10.....that heater is nice to have!  i can't afford to move to where the weather suits my clothes!

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