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Re:New Lights Installed

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  • Eric Wilcox
    Would love to see some pics of this setup, Rich!
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 28, 2010
      Would love to see some pics of this setup, Rich!

      New Lights Installed

      Posted by: "Rich" astronut1001@...   astronut1001

      Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:36 pm (PDT)

      I just finished installing a Supernova E3 Pro Asymmetrical headlight and taillight on the Big Dummy. Both are dynamo lights which are being run off of the Shimano Alfine dynamo wheel I recently completed building. The attached wiring on the headlight and taillight are long enough so that no additional wire was required for the installation. Considering the length of the BD this surprised me.

      The Supernova taillight runs off of the headlight circuitry which also provides the standlight power for the taillight.

      I made the rear light mounting bracket from sheet aluminum and made it large enough so in addition to holding the Supernova taillight I also have a mount installed that takes either a Radbot 1000 or a PB Superflash. They both use the same plastic mounting bracket and I am using the PB rack mount bracket bolted to my aluminum plate taillight mount.

      Rich Wood
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