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Re: [rootsradicals] Long Loader compatibility issue with KickBack

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  • Rick
    Thanks for the note, Tone. Removing some of the inner tube length will not affect the strength of the LongLoader so long as you don t cut into the other tubing
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 29, 2010
      Thanks for the note, Tone. Removing some of the inner tube length will not affect the strength of the LongLoader so long as you don't cut into the other tubing in the removal process.


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      On Aug 29, 2010, at 12:47 PM, Tone wrote:


      I have had the Kick Back for a while now on my Big Dummy and I have
      always had the Long Loader bars ever since my previous bike with the
      FreeRadical extension. The first time I installed the Kick Back I noticed
      a slight issue, but never mentioned it before. I read every post on this
      forum and I have also never heard anyone complain about it, so now I am
      wondering if anyone out there has experienced the same issue I have had.

      Basically the issue I am bringing up is a slight spacing offset at the
      connection point where the Long Loader bars strap onto the V-racks when a
      Kick Back is installed on a pair of Wide Loaders. I have almost always
      ridden with a pair of Wide Loaders and a pair of Long Loaders, and the
      Long Loaders always attached snuggly around the V-racks with the Velcro
      strap attaching the two. However, once I installed the Kick Back, its
      added spacing on the Wide Loaders offset the Long Loaders further away
      (out to either side) from the bike and the V-racks. This caused a gap
      between the Long Loaders and the V-racks where they strap to each other.
      The resulting gap pretty much does not allow the curved end-cap of the
      Long Loader to sit snuggly around the outer curved tubing surface of the

      I have managed to strap the Velcro shut, but I have to do it extremely
      tight. The Velcro strap is strained to the point where I can almost see
      the Long Loader forcefully flexed in toward the V-rack. The Long Loader
      is also not firmly connected to the V-rack by that curved end cap, so
      there is also the slightest bit of forward and backward play in the Long
      Loader at the Wide Loader axis.

      I have been riding this way for months now without further complication.
      Therefore it is not a super concern, but I wonder if this is more common
      than it appears and whether there might be a proper solution. I thought
      about grinding down part of the Long Loader tubing, which slides over the
      Wide Loader. This might reduce some of the spacing between it and the
      Kick Back, which in turn would allow the top end of the Long Loader bar
      to properly contact the V-racks. I have not tried this because I fear it
      might compromise the Long Loaders somehow. Perhaps someone from Xtracycle
      on this forum can advise further. I imagine altering the Long Loader this
      way would not void any warranty for other parts/accessories in the
      Xtracycle system attached to my Big Dummy, but I do not want to take that
      for granted either.

      Ride safe all,

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