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  • lectroid94521
    Thanks to everyone who posted their seat designs anywhere on the web. I ve been stalking you all! If you see similarities to your design, you have my thanks,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2010
      Thanks to everyone who posted their seat designs anywhere on the web. I've been stalking you all! If you see similarities to your design, you have my thanks, I don't think there is much in my design that is original.


      My seat design is for two kids currently 2.5 and 5.5 years old.

      Mainly I want the seat so I can do intermediate and longer trips without worrying about the kids falling off. Final steps to finish the seats will be:

      Attach straps (5 point system)
      Fill, sand, and varnish all wood
      Glue and screw permanently affixed parts together.

      Straps will be made of tubular 1" webbing and buckles and plastic hardware will be fastex types made by ITW nexus. Straps will be mounted with machine screws and washers. There will also be straps used to keep the V-racks under tension as well as to strap the vracks and snapdeck together.

      The snapdeck is extended about 4-5 inches longer than stock and squared in the rear, and is made from 0.5" birch faced plywood. This leaves the front of the snapdeck in the same place but extends the rear to almost flush with rear of my big dummy frame. The general contours of the snapdeck otherwise replicate the OEM design.

      Rather than make the seats integral with the snapdeck, the seats and snapdeck are separate pieces that bolt together. This allows for multiple positions to be accomodated to find optimal positioning of the seats based on the passengers over time and to also run one seat or no seats in the future. As pictured the front seat is in the frontmost of four positions, and can move backward up to 3"s in one inch increments. I think I may drill one more forward set of holes for a 5" range of seat mounting. The rear seat is mounted in the middle of 3 positions with 3/4" of adjustment either way.

      The seats are very wide to accomodate lots of room for the riders while keeping their arms inside the side panels. I decided to keep the seatback lower for increased field of view of both passengers. I am hoping it ends up being comfortable when they ineveitably fall asleep and that their heads don't flop backwards, but I may incorporate head neck pillow support of some sort based on rider feedback :) The seat bottoms and back are the same 1/2" plywood as the deck and the sides and back brace are 1" poplar. The thicker poplar is used for screwing into (definitely stole that idea from someone here).

      When I do the sanding and finishing I will take pictures of all the pieces laid out.

      I was attempting to make 2-3 sets of these as I know there are always folks interested who don't have the tools or time to make them themselves. I am strictly an amateur woodworker and this seat took a great deal of time and energy with tons of help from my brother-in-law who had the tools and more woodworking experience. I have the pieces for another 2 sets of seats, but they are far far from finished. Just getting this one set done took us about 18 hours of working together after I had mocked up all the design and layout pieces in cardboard. I do have 4 more long snapdeck blanks that have been cut, 95% shaped, holes drilled for hooks only, and need only to be filled, sanded and finished. The long snapdecks are a piece of cake compared to all the pieces of the seats coming together.

      I am considering using the 2 superhooks and 2 regular snapdeck hooks. I would either mount the two super hooks on one side, or diagonally from eachother, anyone else use 2 and 2?

      I'll post again when the seats are finished.
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