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RE: [rootsradicals] Desperately Looking For Footsie

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    Dale, I still have my old pair of footsies from years ago when I bought them at the same time as my Xtracycle with all the accessories. I upgraded to a Big
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 22, 2010
      I still have my old pair of footsies from years ago when I bought them at
      the same time as my Xtracycle with all the accessories. I upgraded to a
      Big Dummy when my Xtracycle donor bike had a catastrophic failure a
      couple of years ago. The Big Dummy does not seem to be compatible with
      the FreeRadical’s footsies due to the Big Dummy having curved tube
      “wings” sticking out somewhat where the footsies would normally attach
      to. Therefore my used footsies have been sitting for years in my
      extra-parts bag and are available for purchase.
      When I did use them it was not regularly because I preferred to ride with
      my wide loaders installed instead. Mostly I biked with my left wide
      loader installed and the right wide loader stashed in the freeloader
      bags, so I think there was a stretch of time where I kept my right
      footsie installed. That might be why my right footsie looks a little more
      worn than the left one. However, both still have the red strips and
      Xtracycle logo on them. The left footsie is missing a tube end cap, but I
      think I may have extras in a bag somewhere. I would replace the end cap
      if I do have one before selling it to you. I can upload photos of the
      footsies to my web site and send you the links in a private e-mail if you
      want to preview their condition.
      I would much rather sell the pair of them because I have no use for
      either and it would be more difficult to find a buyer for a single
      footsie. Actually, if your alternate inquiry for someone looking for a
      right footsie develops any leads, then perhaps I can sell you the two of
      these and you can reuse the packaging to mail my second footsie to your
      buyer. Xtracycle sells pairs of footsies for $59.00 without shipping and
      handling included. Considering mine are used, but in working condition
      would something like $25.00 for the pair sound reasonable to you? I
      figure postage might come out to around $5.00 if you are in the USA, so
      that would put the total around $30. That would be about half the cost
      compared to Xtracycle when considering $59 for a new pair does not
      include S/H.
      By the way, I based that $5 shipping cost on a Priority Mail Flat Rate
      9.5x12.5” envelope for $4.90 from the post office. I am not sure the
      footsies would fit in that envelope though. Also, you might not want to
      risk the footsies getting banged up or crushed in an envelope. The next
      level of flat rate service would be a Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box
      at $10.70. That would definitely fit the footsies with room to spare, but
      it costs more than double my previous $5 estimate. The alternative would
      maybe be a custom box I would make myself. Considering the ~1.5 lb.
      weight and the ~11x8x2” dimensions of the footsies a Parcel Post box
      would cost $8.09. My zip code is 17404 and I do not know yours, so I used
      Xtracycle’s California zip code to calculate that cost on the USPS web
      Just let me know if you want my used footsies and we will work it out.
      Ideally PayPal would be the best payment method, but mailing me a check
      or whatever would be fine too.
      Ride safe,
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