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Re: [rootsradicals] double child seat project info

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  • michael kestner
    Rob, great job on the seats! I think I m going to borrow that idea of sawing the legs off of my current plastic seat for my son. I wish your family many
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      Rob, great job on the seats! I think I'm going to "borrow" that idea of sawing the legs off of my current plastic seat for my son. I wish your family many happy miles of riding.

      Thank You,


      --- On Wed, 5/19/10, rob <rcooley1@...> wrote:

      From: rob <rcooley1@...>
      Subject: [rootsradicals] double child seat project info
      To: rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 1:55 PM

      Hi, all,

      I have been listening to many of our discussions on here regarding constructing a double child carrier for an Xtracycle.

      I love the new PeaPod LT but it definitely looks bulky, and my problem is I have twins, so I needed something streamlined (so I could also pack all their stuff for picnics, park trips, etc).

      I found 2 cheap child seats on Craigslist ($10 for the pair!), brand appears to be "Cycle" as stamped on the back. I scrounged a 1x10 board from my parts stash in the garage. I transferred the original Snapdeck dimensions and holes for snaphooks to the new deck, but added about a 4" convex extension to the aft end to better accomodate the second child seat.

      I used the plastic snaphooks that came with the Freerad snapdeck for ease of installation and removal. To avoid unintentional disconnection during riding with kids on board, I modified two 5/16" x 3" J hooks and installed them inboard of the Vracks next to the center Freeloader strap. Once the deck is installed, they hook under the Vrack tubes and bolts secure them from the top of the deck (countersunk to avoid snagging kids legs/pants). Pictures will be forthcoming for clarification in the photos page.

      The seats are minimally modified- I sawed the legs off, smoothed the edges, and through bolted them directly to the new deck.

      I haven't worked out exactly how to work out footrests- currently I have two old MTB bar ends as footpegs for the front rider. I am thinking of some sort of hammock-like sling for the aft rider's feet.

      Either way, it's light, easily removable so I can use the regular snapdeck for commutes, and sturdy/safe.

      For what it's worth, hope this helps other Xtracyclers.

      Ride on,

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