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Re: Study Permaculture Design in California or Oregon

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  • kitesfun2000
    Hi Vladislav Are you involved with teaching this PDC? Are you an Xtracycle user? Regards Ted Nelson, NZ
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 23, 2010
      Hi Vladislav
      Are you involved with teaching this PDC?
      Are you an Xtracycle user?

      Nelson, NZ

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Vladislav Davidzon" <newsletter@...> wrote:
      > Hello
      > Common Circle Education is thrilled to present our Weekend
      > Urban Permaculture Design Course taking place on twelve
      > consecutive *Sundays* starting June 27th in California and
      > as a two-week intensive in Oregon.
      > With the news of peak oil, environmental destruction and economic
      > challenges in the air, permaculture offers tremendous solutions
      > that are simple to implement through re-localization and looking
      > back to how humans have lived sustainably for centuries.
      > Read more information: http://commoncircle.com/permie
      > Starting by learning the lessons from the garden with some of the
      > world's most renowned organic farming experts, we will then look
      > at how to apply what we learned from the soil and the water to
      > building sustainable, lasting institutions.
      > During the workshop, we will talk about:
      > * Principles of Permaculture and Sustainable Design
      > * Smart Design through Careful Site Analysis
      > * Recognizing Patterns of Natural and Human Systems
      > * Reading the Land & Understanding Natural Cycles
      > * Soil regeneration and Land Restoration
      > * Food Forests, Trees & Garden Design
      > * Water Harvesting, Conservation, and Grey Water System Design
      > * Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technology
      > * Natural Building Design
      > * Waste Recycling and Treatment
      > * Aquaculture and Animals
      > * Agroforestry and Forest Gardening
      > * Useful Plants and Planting Strategies
      > * Patterns of Settlement
      > * Cooperative Economics, Money & Financial Systems
      > * Designing Sustainable Cities through Sustainable Economies
      > "My experience in the course was invaluable.  I find myself with a
      > new permaculture lens that I can put on at will, and see the world
      > around me in a way that I feel leads to making more conscious
      > decisions and living better in harmony with Mother Gaia."
      > - Deborah F., Course Graduate
      > Read more information: http://commoncircle.com/permie
      > This workshop is an incredible opportunity to have fun and learn
      > practical skills you can apply in the real world in your own home
      > and backyard, or in your wider community.
      > You'll learn how to create sustainable, thriving human systems,
      > from green houses and organic gardens, to local micro-economies
      > and communities, using sustainable design principles that are
      > applicable to every human system, from businesses, communities,
      > and cities to personal relationships.
      > Common Circle Education is the leading ecological design and holistic
      > living school with courses in Oregon, Hawaii and California; our
      > instructors are some of the most well-known leaders of the
      > sustainability, organic food and permaculture movements.
      > Upon successful completion of this course and meeting the
      > requirements, you'll leave with an internationally recognized
      > Permaculture Design Certificate as the course will build upon
      > the standard 72-hour permaculture curriculum.
      > This course being offered at our two campuses -- in
      > Eugene, OR as an intensive two-week course from July 10-25th;
      > and on Sundays in Berkeley, CA from June 27th through
      > September 12th (twelve Sunday series).
      > details at info (at) commoncircle.com. Please visit our
      > website, commoncircle.com for more information about this
      > course as well as our Sustainability in Motion Bicycle
      > Tours and Regenerative Leadership for Sustainability program!
      > We hope you will be able to join us for this incredible,
      > life-changing experiential course!
      > --
      > common circle education, 14525 sw millikan way, beaverton or 97005
      > e-mail preferences: http://commoncircle.com/pref
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