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Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Building a two-kid carrier

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  • Dave Lloyd
    Don t forget that you ll need a different adapter to work with the threadless steerer on the Big Dummy:
    Message 1 of 12 , Apr 22, 2010
      Don't forget that you'll need a different adapter to work with the threadless steerer on the Big Dummy: http://www.longleafbicycles.com/products/cycling-with-children/bobike-child-seats/bobike-mini-accessories/

      I'm extremely happy with the Dummy. Very nice, very comfy, very well thought out design. 

      If you're handy, it is possible to build your own seats.  I had to justify my basement wood shop somehow.  It does help to make a template first (I did mine from 1/2" MDF) before you put the seats together.  You can size and shape the template to work with your kids, then trace to do the final build.

      For dyno lights, I'm also a fan.  I've got a 2n30 dynohub (wheel find of the century for $50 at REI) with  B&M IQ Cyo R.  Great beam pattern, very bright, very visible, no batteries and no detectable rolling resistance.


      On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 09:02, Dolan <dolan.halbrook@...> wrote:

      Thanks everyone for your feedback! It's great to get it from people who are actually using Xtras every day (not that i'm not one of them, but you know what I mean).

      My current plan of action is now thus:

      1) build up a 16" Big Dummy with Big Apples for my wife (who knows, I may be able to squeeze in there -- i'm 5'9" with the same 32" inseam as her).

      2) I won a BoBike mini on Ebay. We'll give it a try with our youngest in the front and see how that works.

      3) Our 3.5 year old is pretty squirelly so i'm not totally comfortable with him on the back with just a stoker bar. I may try to fashion a seat in the meantime. The foldable BMX pegs sound like a great idea for his feet. We'll have to see with this one -- I may try to pick up a secondhand child seat for a while if the stoker bar doesn't work out.

      As a side note, I noticed Universal Cycles (a local mail order house) had a 36-spoke 26" dynohub wheel (with a decent dynohub no less) for quite a good price ($150). Unfortunately it seems to not be the disc version of the hub, but I'm a huge fan of dynohubs and a good set of V-brakes works pretty well too (at least for me they have, and I have a set of Avid BB7 discs for comparison). I noticed because i'm very tempted to put this on the front of the BD with a set of B&M lights for next winter. In any case, here's the link if you're interested:


      Thanks again, I'll keep you apprised on the progress and how everything works out. After everyone's feedback and after riding a Yuba Mundo (compared to my homegrown Xtracycle) I'm pretty convinced that the BD is the way to go.


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "dolan_h" <dolan.halbrook@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I currently use my Xtra to ferry my kid to preschool in the morning. My wife wants to do the return trip by bike with both our children (age 1 (~20 lbs) and 3.5 (~40 lbs)). She also may stop by the market and get a few things. She's approx. 5'5" and about an average rider experience wise.
      > We bought a secondhand Burley but the kids aren't so fond of it. They hate being together and don't like being down low. Our 1 yr old went from miserable in the trailer to happy as a lark up on the Bobike Maxi (PeaPod). My wife was amazed. I was unsurprised.
      > In any case, I want to build her a bike, but I have a few decisions to make first, and I was hoping for feedback.
      > 1) Given the choice, would you have one kid in front and one in back (say, a BoBike mini on the front, maxi on the rear), or both in back (maxi plus PeaPod LT)?
      > 2) Do you feel that a stock bike + xtra (in her case, a Jamis Commuter 3.0 stepthrough) is torsionally stiff enough to hold two wiggly kids plus groceries, or does it make sense to build up a Big Dummy?
      > 3) For a 5'5" rider, how much difference do you feel is made by 26" fatties (say, Big Apples) vs 700x35c?
      > Thanks for any feedback. FWIW, we also rode a Yuba Mundo this weekend and were reasonably impressed, but I'm not sold on it completely.
      > Cheers,
      > Dolan

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