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Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Safety of towing behind an X

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  • Miguel Barroso
    I will second Fred s opinion... it s all about the speed - but I will add skills and traffic As teenagers, me and my friends used to skate the streets allround
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      I will second Fred's opinion... it's all about the speed - but I will add skills and traffic
      As teenagers, me and my friends used to skate the streets allround the neighborhood - this is quite an up and down area, with 10% slopes beeing common. Back in the 80's, traffic was much scarce than it is now - but one of the guys in the group, had a scooter that pulled us all uphill (record beeing 13 in a row, but usually around 5 to 7 skateboarders) and I can't recall any accident... the accidents always occurred after he droped us on the top of the hills, and we started going downhill... back then, none of us had long boards... and speeds of 20-30mph were common... big crashes!!! luckly, no one ever got seriously injured (besides some bronken arms, skin burns and similar events) No we didn't use helmets... most of us had wrist guards, but that was it...
      Nowadays, I wouldn't allow my kids to do the same, specially because the traffic is like 100x more intensive than it used to be... (we have footage of that time, and in a 20min video, you see only a couple of cars passing by)
      Miguel Barroso
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      Its the speed issue...longboarders often skate at higher speeds(38.6mph is my record) and are comfortable with drifting, sliding, and foot breaking at higher speeds, and with the larger75mm+ wheels, debris is less of an issue...
      If a short board skateboarder has never gone faster than say 10 mph, and suddenly is able to go, say 25...he is headed to a dangerous place...

      Helmet, gloves, pads...heck, several of the cats I know where leathers and DOT helmets when going above 35...

      Doing this idea in a large empty parking lot, working up your speed, it can be done with relative safety...
      Xtracycles are a fantastic way to film skaters...with your camera man sitting on the back of the bike...

      If you do this at night on the street, best to have a chase car for safety!
      "The things that bring me so much joy, are the things my parents did with me as a child.  Hiking, Bicycling, Canoeing, scrambling on rocks, being at a beach, and in general spending time out in nature.  Now I have a little girl of my own, and do the same things with her...and again, those are her favorite things to do."

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      I think the X would be safer yes, but I doubt it would be safe enough. If you have ever water skied recall the experience you get when turning from the outside back to center. The acceleration as you return to the center is impressive. A skateboarder would experience the same...unless they fall. That too would be "impressive" .

      One towing trick we did years back was towing two people on inline skates behind a third person on a bike with a bike rack. This was quite fun, nobody got hurt, and we never even had a scare. We were traveling in quiet, flat residential streets which certainly helped. To me an X would be more fun then a regular bike as there are more hand holds on the back end than on a conventional bike. The enclosed wheel would probably be safer as you assert.


      --- In rootsradicals@ yahoogroups. com, jj <jj@...> wrote:
      > I have been wondering if it is safe to tow someone riding a skateboard
      > behind a slow-moving X.
      > Behind a bike is UN-Safe, although I have seen this from time to time
      > out front of the house. The tow line can easily get caught up in the
      > rear wheel, but on an X that rear wheel is more or less shrouded.

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