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Re: Two new bicycle audio products ideal for Xtracycles

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  • Susan
    Okay, what do you mean by head unit? It sounds like it would pack *plenty* of noise by midwestern standards (even the critical mass is pretty dainty). My
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 16, 2006
      Okay, what do you mean by "head unit?" It sounds like it would pack
      *plenty* of noise by midwestern standards (even the critical mass is
      pretty dainty).

      My question would be whether I'd have to get my bike guy to install it
      or whether a motor moron could do it. I'll have to win some more
      time trials (there's another one this Sunday) and collect a *lot* of
      aluminum cans :-)

      I do like the idea a lot, though!

      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Paul Freedman" <paul@...> wrote:
      > This one goes out to Steve and all the others who are interested in
      > building a Soul Cycle music system for their Xtracycle.
      > I wanted to let you know that Fossil Fool has two new audio products
      > that can help you rock out on your next social ride. I hope folks
      > don't mind me making a somewhat commercial announcement here on the
      > RootsRadicals forum, but I'm hoping for some feedback from you all
      > on these products. I haven't put either of these up on our web site
      > or Xtracycle.com yet.
      > Product number 1 is the new Soul Cycle "In The Pocket" head unit. It
      > goes for $449, and it is the easiest, cleanest, fastest way to go
      > cruising with music on an Xtracycle. The product is a self-
      > contained, lightweight and small (about 2 pounds and similar in size
      > to a stack of 4 CD jewel boxes), rechargeable, quick-release
      > detachable, hand-made dovetailed wooden head unit. It powers a pair
      > of household bookshelf speakers that you supply. You can also build
      > a custom enclosure for 6x9 car-audio speakers if you want something
      > that fits clamps to your snap deck, and has better volume. The
      > enclosed NiMH battery powers the amplifier for 5-10 hours depending
      > on your choice of speakers and how loud you listen. It can be used
      > and recharged hundreds of times and is serviceable. The enclosed amp
      > offers a surprisingly clean and full stereo sound that is loud
      > enough for a small cluster to enjoy as they ride around your bike.
      > For solo cruises, the sound will truly put you `in the pocket' with
      > your favorite music. Despite the clean sound, this system is
      > somewhat understated and is not really suitable for entertaining a
      > whole critical mass ride. This Soul Cycle can also be used as a nice
      > bedroom audio system.
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