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Re: [rootsradicals] Tarp-tent with Xtracycle

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  • MH
    It gets kind of cold where I live. This video is interesting of some that use a Hennessey hammock when is cold out. Now mind you in my neck of the woods its
    Message 1 of 35 , Feb 1, 2010
      It gets kind of cold where I live. This video is interesting of some that
      use a Hennessey hammock when is cold out. Now mind you in my neck of the
      woods its only gotten to -10F. or -23C. so far this winter.

      Minus 26º Minnesota Backpack Hammock Quest On The SHT
      9:43 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jnoo4BPe2eo

      -Mark Hoagy

      Tone wrote:
      > Mark,
      > I have not used a Hennessey Hammock, but as I explained in a reply post
      > to Ryan, I have used another type of hammock tent. For warmer weather my
      > hammock tent worked excellent. In fact, having that air circulation
      > underneath kept me cooler than what would have occurred while sleeping on
      > the ground against a sleeping pad. By the way, I do own a semi-inflatable
      > sleeping pad and use to own a 2-3 person hex-dome tent, but after I tried
      > out the hammock tent, which I bought because it sounded simpler, lighter,
      > and smaller for camping on cycling tours, I would much prefer to be in a
      > hammock.
      > To specifically respond to your inquiry about the cold, I have to admit I
      > am not one to go camping in cold weather. However, once when I was
      > scouting out possible camp sites pre-summer, I did have to endure a cold
      > night in the hammock. I had not prepared for the temperature drop, which
      > I did not expect from the incorrect weather forecast.
      > That was only a one-night solo scouting mission for me, so I also had not
      > bothered with starting up a camp fire. I only brought non-cooking foods
      > like snack-bars and jerky, etc. I wanted to focus on using all my
      > day-light for scouting out good camp sites for a later camping trip I
      > would be leading with multiple friends. Therefore once I arrived in the
      > general area with my bike, I locked it up stashed hidden to a tree, then
      > basically hike through the woods until I had about an hour till darkness.
      > I had not even bothered to bring my three-season sleeping-bag because I
      > did not think it would get that cold, and as explained before, you really
      > do not need much cushion at all in a hammock.
      > That night was admittedly hellish. I was shivering and barely got any
      > sleep, probably a total of 2 hours broken up during the night. To try to
      > keep myself warm I actually put on my rain gear pants and jacket, which I
      > always carry with me when biking as a habit. That actually resulted in
      > condensation inside my rain gear, so I went through periods of sleeping
      > and building up moisture to periods of opening up my gear to vent, which
      > would get me cold again. I would have started a fire almost directly
      > below my hammock tent, but at one point early on there was a rain storm
      > with heavy winds. The ground had gotten wet, and any fire wood I would
      > have collected would have been damp and I would have had to gather it in
      > the dark, which I definitely did not want to do. Again, the rain was also
      > not in any forecasts either, so that quick little storm was what brought
      > the cold weather after it. At first light I gathered my tent and started
      > to continue my exploratory hike and in no time I was sweating even
      > without the rain gear because it was up to 70 or 80 degrees. It was just
      > a freak little storm.
      > Anyway Mark, so yes you do have to concern yourself with getting cold
      > when using a hammock tent. However,I have slept incredibly well all the
      > other times I have slept in my hammock tent with my 3-season sleeping bag
      > even if the temperature dropped to the low 50s, etc.
      > ALSO, if you check out the Hennessey Hammock web site you can read about
      > their cold-weather hammock-tent systems. In general their hammocks seem
      > to be WAY more technologically advanced than the military surplus
      > hammock-tent I have. It sounds like the bottoms of their hammocks use
      > some kind of silicone treated tight nylon material, which acts as a
      > super-wind breaker and cuts the wind chill a great deal from the start.
      > They also use a combination of methods to keep the hammock very toasty,
      > including optional radiant heating under-layering. From what I understood
      > Hennessey offers accessories you can attach to any of their hammocks,
      > which hang directly below your hammock as an insulation layer.
      > There is even an account from a British SAS guy (Britain’s version of
      > military special forces), who writes about using their cold-weather
      > system within the Arctic Circle and being very comfortable. There is also
      > a video clip of a guy, who has been camping since he was 8 years old. He
      > says ever since he tried out the their hammock tents he never really uses
      > a typical tent, and he even used the hammock while mountain climbing at
      > 4000 feet and it was great. I had heard of mountain climbers, who used
      > hammocks to sleep on near-vertical surfaces, but I had not considered the
      > possible cold temperatures at high elevation. Obviously there must be
      > effective methods to keep warm in hammocks if mountain climbers have been
      > using them for years.
      > If I start camping again I would most likely upgrade my current
      > hammock-tent to a Hennessey from what I have read. The only draw back I
      > see in using a hammock tent is you can not really sleep with someone. The
      > sleeping bag I own is actually part of a pair-set. It can zip shut by
      > itself, but you can also zip it together with a matching sleeping bag to
      > take advantage of a second person’s warmth. Now I am married to someone
      > else, so my wife and I would have to find the matching sleeping bag to
      > mine, but I think a hammock is not much of an option for us sleeping
      > together on a camping trip. I might have to look through the Hennessey
      > Hammock site again to see if they make two person hammocks.
      > _TONE_
    • Cara Lin Bridgman
      Hi Kate, That zipper mod does look nice. It adds weight. Also, I m not sure how well zippers work under pressure of getting into and out of a hammock, but
      Message 35 of 35 , Feb 24, 2010
        Hi Kate,

        That zipper mod does look nice. It adds weight. Also, I'm not sure how
        well zippers work under pressure of getting into and out of a hammock,
        but quite a few hammocks do use zippers.

        The Hennessey is the lightest complete package. Even so, I'm thinking
        I'd probably prefer something like this
        <http://www.mosquitohammock.com/mosquitohammock.html>, but with black
        netting (white isn't see-through). I like being able to sleep in the
        diagonal and I prefer sleeping head right and feet left of the center
        line. Hennessey's Asym hammock are all oriented head left and feet
        right of the center line.

        Yes, try several before you buy. Test each for several nights (like a
        month?), too.


        katethelizard wrote:
        > Cara Lin,
        > I did some reading up on hammocks, and found a husband-wife team that can modify a Hennessy Hammock with a zipper on the side for that easy outside access without using the bottom slit. Pretty neat.
        > Check out http://www.2qzqhammockhanger.com/
        > I'm experimenting with a couple hammocks friends have loaned me. Fun.
        > Cheers,
        > Kate

        Cara Lin Bridgman cara.lin@...

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        Longjing Township http://www.BugDorm.com
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