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Re: Flash Flags for sale

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  • Ian E. Hopper
    Inre: airhorn. What you want is one of these: http://sheldonbrown.com/harris/accessories.html#horns I have 2; one on SuperVato and one I just removed from a
    Message 1 of 10 , May 1, 2007
      Inre: airhorn. What you want is one of these:

      I have 2; one on SuperVato and one I just removed from a recumbent I
      just sold. They are awesome and work great. If you have albatross bars
      (I think you do... you're the one who had the bathtub on the back of
      the Surly Instigator/FreeRadical right?), get a Minoura Besso mount as
      well so you can mount the horn right under your thumb for instant use.
      I finally figured this out and it made the horn actually useful: I
      used to have to take my hand off the grip to sound the horn, which
      isn't advised in a panic stop. With the Besso/Air Zounds combo I have
      instant noise even during panic braking.


      --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, Cara Lin Bridgman <caralinb@...>
      > Here in Taiwan, when I'm loaded up with kitty litter or potted
      plants or
      > pallets, the road rather seem empty. Cars and motorbikes definitely
      > give me a wide berth. Biking with a wobble works well, too. Cars
      > however, are pretty well trained to expect and dodge obstacles.
      > Everyone brakes for dogs and dogs are always in the middle of the road.
      > After I've finished the downhill part of my commute, I'm thinking of
      > pausing to remove my helmet for the rest of the commute to see what
      > happens and if there's any difference in response. So far, I've
      > only two types of cyclists wearing helmets: 'racers' decked out in
      > logo-covered biking suits and high school kids in uniforms. These kids
      > wear their helmets all every which way, often unbuckled (rather defeats
      > the purpose of a helmet, eh?). Saw a woman the other day with her bike
      > helmet on backwards...
      > One thing I've also noticed is that if I have my front and rear lights
      > on during my morning commute, I get fewer cars in oncoming traffic
      > turning left in front of me. At least it seems that way.
      > What I really want is an airhorn.
      > CL
      > Ryano wrote:
      > > Sorry. I had meant that as an individual email.
      > >
      > > I am the first to admit that my observations were totally subjective,
      > > based on my daily commute in Tokyo, which as you say is probably a
      > > totally different experience to a commute anywhere else. I had a
      > > made flag a bit like yours and just felt that drivers were more
      > > agressive around me when the flag was up. Perhaps similar sort of
      > > phenomenon to the study done in the UK about cycling with and without
      > > helmet. A guy decked his bicycle with sensors, and rode exactly
      the same
      > > route everyday, at same speed, collecting data on how close people
      > > to him and whether there was any difference when he wore a helmet and
      > > cycling get up, and when he did not wear helmet and just wore regular
      > > clothes. He found that cars were shaving significantly closer
      when he
      > > was in his cycling kit than when he wore regular clothes (and also
      > > giving him a wider berth still when he wore women's clothes and a
      > > but that might have been for different reasons)...
      > >
      > > Anyhow, I was just trying to say that if you make yourself wider
      > > "innocently" by having a something accidentally on-purpose hanging
      > > the side of your freeloader or front basket, you may tend to get
      > > better (here anyhow) than if you are agressively trying to defend
      > > road space.
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