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Re: For sale: Xtracycle in Seattle

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  • anthonyeberger
    This is basically the Xtra I ride now. I built it, didn t buy complete from Xtra. I m very happy with it so far. It has a 203 on the rear and stock 160 disc
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 18 8:55 AM
      This is basically the Xtra I ride now. I built it, didn't buy complete from Xtra. I'm very happy with it so far. It has a 203 on the rear and stock 160 disc on the front.

      I started my xtra's with a Novara from REI because I wanted internal gears, then I went to a old TREK steel frame bike because i had it laying around. It is a 950 mountain frame but I was running with 700's again because of the internal 8 speed. The Marin is standard geared bike and I was concerned about the chain length. Well, after two months of use (and building it myself, a first for me) I am happy to say it has been rock solid. I have SweetSkins on it and the ride is very comfortable even with a ridged fork.

      I got the Marin frame for $240 and my Xtra (also used) for 225. Considering you don't have to build the one here that is for sale, I think this is a fair price for a turn key ride.

      Time to ride so I guess I will pull out said bike and try it out in the supposed snow they are stating is on its way.

      Tony B.

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      > Not 100% sure if it's ok to post ads here (let me know if not and I'll try to delete this) but I figured an Xtracycle sitting at home, riderless is truly a shame. :)
      > Like a lot of you, I recently upgraded to a Surly Big Dummy. My Xtracycle is a Free Radical mated to a 2007 model 20" Marin Novato (7005 aluminum) with Shimano Acera shifters and front derailleur, Shimano Deore rear derailleur, and large (185mm?) Tektro disc brakes front and rear. For reference, I'm 5'10" and the bike fits pretty well. I usually ride it with a shorter stem (I put the stock one back on the bike) and swept back handlebars.
      > In the ad I'm asking $450 for just the bike and Free Radical and $600 with the Freeloaders, racks and (somewhat weathered) Snapdeck included. I'll gladly discount by $50 for Roots Radical members though!
      > It's been well maintained, stops and shifts well, and though not factory-new, is in generally great shape. The only major blemishes are the top sides of the shifter pods as a result of an embarrassing fall. No cars were involved--I was speeding up to try to beat a red light, stood up out of the saddle... and missed the pedal, which (very) promptly caused me to go down. The pods still work just fine, but are now a little ugly as a result. :) (If it bothers you, you can find a replacement set pretty easily online for around $35 and your local bike shop will be able to install 'em in about 15 minutes.)
      > You can see the full listing here with pictures on Craigslist: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/bik/1512842994.html
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