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  • Ryano
    Apr 3, 2007
      Ate you kidding?  They still do this everywhere in Japan.  Just tried to find a photo online, but I couldn't.  Must remember to take a photo next time myself... 

      Incidentally, one of the main japanese freight forwarding and delivery companies has recently started using electric bicycles with trailers. The posties of course have used bicycles forever.

      On 03/04/07, Cara Lin Bridgman <caralinb@...> wrote:

      In Taiwan, they used to deliver incredible angel-food meringue
      confections on the backs of motorbikes. They had a contraption with a
      swing that hung with springs over the back seat of the bike. The cake
      in its box sat on the swing. That way, no matter what the bike did
      (lean into turns, accelerate, screech to a stop, ...) the cakes stayed
      level. I assume they arrived fine.

      I've not seen one in years, but will now keep my eyes open in case I can
      get a picture.


      Susan wrote:
      > Darned cool! I posted a reply to add to the effect. (Not only is it
      > out there, but people notice maybe?)
      > So. Here's my problem. I made a key lime pie with a lovely meringue.
      > How can I carry *that* on my bicycle?
      > --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, "Pete B" <nackterman@...> wrote:
      >> The message is getting out there in blog-land.
      >> --------------------------------
      > http://greatgreengadgets.com/gadgets/2007/03/31/sport-utility-bicycle-sub/
      >> Sport Utility Bicycle (S.U.B.) from xtracycle.com 6 new S.U.B. models
      >> starting at $599.00
      >> Much of urban driving is just running errands to various stores to
      > get a few
      >> items. Why use a truck disguised as a car to carry a few groceries? More
      >> people are dumping the gas guzzling SUV's for the clean and green
      > S.U.B.'s.
      >> These bikes are built not only lightweight, compact and strong but can
      >> easily carry your groceries, supplies, even another passenger.
      > Xtracycle has
      >> a photo gallery that shows images and videos of creative uses of the
      > S.U.B.
      >> to carry an amazing amount of stuff, one photo shows a guy with a
      > kitchen
      >> table and chairs on the back. If more people used bikes to get
      > around not
      >> only would there be less pollution, we could see a lot more people
      > in shape
      >> and having healthier lifestyles. Here is another link to their page
      > on the
      >> bicycle lifestyle.
      > http://greatgreengadgets.com/gadgets/2007/03/31/sport-utility-bicycle-sub/
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