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  • Kipchoge Spencer
    Oct 1, 2009
      Hey Morgan,

      I have another perspective on 100lb+ loads. At least five of our touring bikes always have 100lb+ payloads. Two are Big Dummies. The other 3 are FreeRadical-equipped MTBs. For touring, I think the combination of high-end components, lower weight, and easier/modular loading system (FreeLoaders) makes the xtracycle system superior to the Mundo. Granted, I haven't ridden a Mundo on tour. To me, where it really shines is as a local-heavy-duty and/or less-expensive cargo machine.

      In my experience, with practice both the BD and the FR handle big loads with aplomb—enough that I don't find myself wishing for a sturdier heavier steed.

      Thanks for your reflections on H-bars. We ride slow so the benefits of total upright cruiser bars seem to outweigh the negatives of wind resistance.

      4 min clip of a Mexican rock odyssey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZbAIiTZ9bk


      Re: mundo bike

      Posted by: "Morgan" mcgurme@...   mcgurme

      Wed Sep 30, 2009 12:41 pm (PDT)

      The new Mundos (2009) are nice - lighter weight than last year's, and
      with a full complement of gears (triple chainring up front). They
      used shaped tubes to reduce the weight while supposedly retaining the
      strength. They also narrowed the rear cargo platform to better
      accommodate child seats.

      The old Mundo (last year's) was very solid. I carried some heavy
      loads and it is more stable and wobble-free than my Big Dummy when
      loaded over 70 lbs. However, the things that led me to prefer my Big
      Dummy were the weight of the Mundo (2008 version), and the low-end
      components. I don't carry heavy loads often enough to have the wobble
      bother me. If I were to regularly carry > 100 lbs, I would definitely
      go Mundo, especially with the new, improved version.

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