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9696Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Smorris' Xtracycle blog, build, and questions

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  • Bill Bonney
    Sep 19, 2009
      That's a good point you make. I'm not sure that the length on the fork is as significant as just removing suspension. The extra leverage from the increased wheel base must effect the balance of the suspension fork. Wold be nice to experiment with stronger springs in the suspension fork. But for simplicity, the rigid fork is the easy way to go

      On 2009-09-19, at 16:50 , Smorris wrote:


      I'm impatient, and couldn't wait until my friend returns. I temporarily put the new fork on today using the old bearings and cups, and a second stem to take up space on the long steerer tube. (The KHS has the Diatech style headset that has a conical pinch bolt that clamps up against the bottom of the stem or spacers instead of an Aheadset style clamp.) Wow, does that make a difference! Much more nimble and lighter feeling steering. It feels like a completely different bike. At fist I was disappointed with the Xtracycle, because it made a fun mountain bike feel heavy and sluggish. That's all gone now. What a drastic improvement!

      I've put three work in progress photos at the end of the "Xtracycle Build" gallery here to show what it looks like now.

      http://smorris. smugmug.com/ Leaning-Against- the-Wall/ Xtracycle- Build/9568253_ heqyV#P-2- 28

      --- In rootsradicals@ yahoogroups. com, "Smorris" <Steve@...> wrote:

      > Today I got the Footies and Magic Carpet from my daughter and a Surly 1X1 fork from my brother for my birthday. I don't know what the other brother is getting, but Wideloaders were on the birthday/Christmas list.
      > So of course I had to get goodies to go along with it. I ordered a Ritchey Scuzzy Logic headset and a Reynolds spacer kit. Plus I got a couple spare tubes for the Xtracycle and my RB-T, since I didn't have any. While I was at it, I ordered a custom 13-32 cassette with gear ratio increments more to my liking.
      > Now I should be done for a while... :)

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