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967RE: [rootsradicals] Re: biggest size tires with fenders on a 700c X?

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  • Tone
    Mar 29, 2007
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                  I hate to sound like a pain, but is anyone else in the FreeRadical mailing list getting numerous duplicate of John’s e-mails? Yesterday I got a few doubles of both of his e-mails, which I simply ignored as just an accident or system quirk, but today when I downloaded my e-mail I got about a dozen more of the same e-mails. Half of them were the “exact same problem with my Surly Karate Monkey…” and the other half were the “Photos are here:...” e-mail. Both of the duplicate e-mails I got today were the same doubles I got yesterday.

                  Normally this sort of thing happens when someone sends a secondary e-mail out because they think the first did not get through for whatever reason, but obviously getting a dozen of the same e-mail is rather uncommon and in this case I notice something particularly odd. When looking at the times each e-mail was received by my own e-mail server, the times range from 6:15pm yesterday to 1:02am last night. It is pretty odd for duplicate e-mails to be sent each over at least half-an-hour apart during a period covering several hours. I am wondering if other people on the list are having a similar problem. It has never happened before on my end, and in case anyone is wondering, John’s e-mails are the only ones, which are being repeated. I am getting tons of my other normal e-mail (including spam unfortunately and as usual), which are coming through just as they should.


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