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9620Re: [rootsradicals] Smorris' Xtracycle blog, build, and questions

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  • Sean Moore
    Sep 3, 2009
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      If you're switching out the shifters because of grip length and if
      you are and are handy with tools I simply fabbed up a couple custom
      dowels to accommodate my Nexus grip shifter on my North Road bend

      1) Bought the right dowel to match the O.D. of the bars
      2) Cut pieces to put half inside the bar and half outside (3 inch for
      a 1.5 inch extension)
      3) Used a wood rasp to shape the inner half to a mostly round,
      somewhat octagonal diameter to fit inside, slightly tapered. Used a
      quick clamp for most of it, had to hang on to the little sucker for
      some of it. Hand cramp!
      4) Smacked the poo out of them with my dead-blow hammer (basically a
      mallet) to seat them
      5) Installed levers, shifter and grips normally, no glue.

      I'm not all that thrilled about having oak wood on my bars in case of
      a wreck and possible splitnering but I think that the grips will
      contain any splinters adequately. If I do manage to pierce my body
      with a 3 inch oak splinter from this mod I probably have much worse
      things to worry about.

      I have a vernier caliper I used to determine the O.D. and I.D. measurements.

      Of course, if you're just replacing the grip shift because you don't
      like it then go for it! ;)

      Welcome to the club. The instructions are very good for install and
      the resulting bike is wonderful.

      Sean Moore

      On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 9:52 PM, Carl Ray<kwikfile@...> wrote:
      > Welcome to the Xtracycle Cult ture, did I say that. Sshh, just don't drink
      > the cool aid. Wait if you are here, you did drink the cool aid. Kinda like
      > Shutter Island (Movie)
      > We are living it up at the Hotel California...
      > Peace,
      > Carl
      > On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 8:36 PM, Rick | Xtracycle, Inc <rick@...>
      > wrote:
      >> Welcome to the Radical Patch, Steve!
      >> :)
      >> Rick
      >> On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 7:10 PM, argecko <Steve@...> wrote:
      >>> Hi gang!
      >>> New guy here from 25 miles west of Cleveland
      >>> Well, Sunday (8/30) I bought a used mountain bike from craigslist, and
      >>> later that evening ordered the Xtracycle kit.
      >>> The Bike:
      >>> I bought a used KHS True Temper steel mountain bike. Best I can narrow it
      >>> down, it is a 1997 KHS Summit X, based on BikePedia. There are several
      >>> differences, but nothing else that I've found comes close. I posted a query
      >>> for ID in BikeForums' and MTBR's forums, but never was sure. I'm going to
      >>> write KHS and see if they can figure it out. It isn't really important, but
      >>> I'm anal about details, so I'd like to know. Here's a link to my smugmug
      >>> gallery for the bike as I bought it.
      >>> http://smorris.smugmug.com/The-Garage/Leaning-Against-the-Wall/1997-KHS-Summit-X/9462226_wXNXZ
      >>> What I do know:
      >>> KHS Summit 17" frame
      >>> True Temper AVR ChroMoly double butted tube set with "DeltaLinear
      >>> Downtube"
      >>> Rock Shock Indy C suspension fork
      >>> Dia-Compe VersaControl 737 V-brakes
      >>> Dia-Compe 7EXA PowerControl brake levers
      >>> DiaTech headset
      >>> Un-marked stem (with DiaTech plug), handlebars, seatpost and seatpost
      >>> clamp.
      >>> "Brooks" Taiwanese padded saddle
      >>> Shimano STX-rc rear derailleur
      >>> Shimano "A" front derailleur
      >>> Sachs twist shifters
      >>> STX-rc 8 rear hub
      >>> Un-marked front hub
      >>> SR Powerflo Front PF-F crankset
      >>> Alex AL-MP 19 rims with Panaracer Duster II R 26X2.10 tires
      >>> Un-marked pedals
      >>> So that kinda matches up with the BikePedia listing for the 1997
      >>> Summit-X. If anyone knows about KHS bikes, please look through these and
      >>> confirm my guess or suggest something different?
      >>> This bike looks practically brand new, with the mold marks still on the
      >>> tire lugs and barely any markings on the rim sidewalls. The guy said all he
      >>> did with it was use it for riding around his neighborhood with the kids.
      >>> Pieces Parts:
      >>> On Sunday evening, I ordered the Xtracycle FreeRadical, Longtail Kit,
      >>> Footsies, and Magic Carpet from Bike Trailer Shop. According to the tracking
      >>> number, it won't be here until Tuesday due to a busy spurt at BTS. While I'm
      >>> glad business is picking up for retailers, I'm a little disappointed not to
      >>> get it before the long holiday weekend.
      >>> I've had an ongoing email discussion as to whether the Surly 1X1 rigid
      >>> fork would be the correct size to swap in in place of my Rock Shox Indy C.
      >>> Today we determined that it is almost the perfect size, only 1mm off on
      >>> rake, and 7mm off on axle-to-crown measurement with the fork compressed
      >>> about half of its 2" stroke. That's less than 1/3 degree change in effective
      >>> head tube angle. Soon after finalizing that, a new fork got added to my
      >>> birthday list for the kids to give me in a couple of weeks.
      >>> Based on discussions on BikeForums:Utility Bikes and in the Flickr
      >>> Xtracycle group, I ordered a pair of Schwalbe Big Apple tires in 50-559
      >>> (26X2.0) from Wallingford Bicycle Parts. They should be here Friday. I'm
      >>> already having second thoughts as to whether I should have ordered the
      >>> 60-559 (26X2.35) size. Thoughts?
      >>> During an experiment swapping handlebars on my Bridgestone RB-T, I ended
      >>> up with a left over set of Nitto Albatross bars. I may give those a try on
      >>> my Xtracycle. If I do, I'll change from the twist grip shifter to a set of
      >>> cork grips and a trigger shifter. I've never had a mountain bike before, and
      >>> don't really know too much about the different shifters. On the bikes I've
      >>> tried, I like the push one lever/pull another better than the indexed thumb
      >>> shifter or two triggers that you push both. From what I've read, 8-speed
      >>> shifters are not that easy to come by any more. The LBS has a Shimano Alivio
      >>> SL-M410, but the reviews are not that stellar on them, with many reports of
      >>> breakage. Anyone have a better, medium cost suggestion?
      >>> That's about where I am today. I'm getting a couple of water bottle
      >>> cages, I'll get some cam straps, bungies, etc to hold things on. I'm
      >>> contemplating getting a better headset when I replace the fork. This one
      >>> just has a collar clamp, and no good way to move spacers top to bottom to
      >>> adjust the handlebar height.
      >>> Thanks for following along. This post sorta got long. Feel free to
      >>> comment as this thread continues, and if anyone has answers or suggestions
      >>> on the questions above, I'd appreciate the input. There will be photos and
      >>> more comments or questions added as I go along.
      >>> Steve
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