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961Re: [rootsradicals] Re: biggest size tires with fenders on a 700c X?

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  • Chris Follmer
    Mar 29, 2007
      Thanks John that sounds pretty simple and effective. I will give it a try!

      johnstanec <johnstanec@...> wrote:
      I had the exact same problem with my Surly Karate Monkey / Free
      Radical combo. I have 700c wheels and 35 tires, too.

      You're absolutely correct that there is not enough clearance with the
      snap deck to accommodate fenders. I was able to solve the problem by
      using strips of wood to elevate the snap deck about 3/4" above the v-rack.

      I started by first removing the black snap pieces from the deck. I
      then attached 2 strips of wood to the underside of the snap deck along
      both sides. I then attached snap pieces to the new strips of wood in
      the same location as they were on the snap deck originally. Now the
      snap deck sits just high enough to allow the fenders to clear. Perfect!

      I've attached a few photos to illustrate.



      --- In rootsradicals@ yahoogroups. com, "cfollm" <cfollm@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I have a Trek 7300 hybrid with an Xtracycle on it and have a question
      > about a rear fender. What is the biggest size tires has anybody gotten
      > on there with fenders? I have the stock Bontrager 700 x 35's on there
      > and I have a set of the Planet Bike Hardcore Freddy Fenders. When I put
      > the back one on, the snap deck pushes it on to the tire. It just seems
      > that there is no room. So is there something I am doing wrong or do I
      > need to either get a smaller tire or just live without a fender? I have
      > been getting alot of road junk on the back of my legs from the rear
      > wheel and a bunch on the top of the snapdeck, probably from the rear of
      > the wheel. Thanks in advance for your replies,
      > Chris

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