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9592Re: [rootsradicals] Re: Different e-assists

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  • Bill Bonney
    Sep 1, 2009
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      >> But saying that.... the Stokemonkey, by clever cycles looks
      >> interesting. I do think it could be more challenging to use though as
      >> it requires the rider to be fixed into the pedals with cleats/tow
      >> straps.

      >This isn't true. There is no such requirement, and I think only a
      > small
      minority of users use same. Thanks for alerting me to a
      problem with that line item in the warnings.

      That's interesting information to know. That it is easy to use without always wearing a 'foot retention system'. Though I'm guessing that with the motor engaged, you need to keep peddling, to coast you have to let off the throttle?

      see (for ref) http://cleverchimp.com/products/stokemonkey/warnings/ for the warnings posted

      I think that for more sensible loads of the groceries a hub based motor would be ok. The advantage being that you can just stop peddling and coast. It's easier on the brain, if you are not the most confident or avid cyclists.

      I agree with with todd that if you are an avid cyclist the stokemoneky is the best option as it allows you assist you to pedal through your normal bike gears, a far more efficient way to use the energy stored in the battery. I like the set-up as i found with the BionX (as Todd also stated) that you peddle slower to increase pressure on the pedals to gain more assist.

      Hope that helps :)

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