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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Sep 1, 2009
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      I second Todd's comment about the cleats. I've been using a stokemonkey
      for over 2 years now and I've never used cleats. In my whole biking
      life, I've never used cleats. For the stop and go in-town traffic
      biking that I do, I can't imagine using cleats.

      I don't usually use the stokemonkey to help me go faster. I use it to
      make sure I get home without being too hot and bothered (in Taiwan's
      heat and humidity, a little hot and bothered is unavoidable). I use it
      to help me get to work in the rain so I can arrive without being as wet
      (sweat) inside my rain gear as everything else is wet outside. I use it
      for the extra help with head winds and when I'm pooped. On my way to
      work, I often use it to take the edge or oomph off pedaling--this helps
      me attain a cruising speed of 18-22 kph and cuts down on the heat and
      sweat. These ways of using the stokemonkey increase my average speed of
      about 14 kph to about 17 kph. With one of Morgan's LiFePo4 batteries, I
      tend to recharge every two trips or 30 km or when the Amp Hours decrease
      to about 5.

      I like the stokemonkey. I like being able to use it when I want to and
      ignoring it when I want to go under my own power. I never think about
      the weight of the motor (about 9 kg) or battery (original about 9 kg,
      LeFePo4 is much less). The placement of the motor (low and center)
      makes the weight unnoticeable. Also, I'm often trying to haul home a
      fiberglass bathtub, marble-seated chair, wooden spool, occasional
      friend... So, weight is never an issue.

      Probably the biggest problem is installation. My local bike shops oohed
      and ahhed over the Surly Instigator frame, etc, but refused to have
      anything to do with the motor. So, I have to build and maintain the
      bike myself. This, actually, is a good thing!


      toddfahrner wrote:
      > This isn't true. There is no such requirement, and I think only a
      small minority of users use same. Thanks for alerting me to a perception
      problem with that line item in the warnings. I recommended foot
      retention back in the day in part because I was trying to imagine all
      kinds of gruesome fantasy liabilities of driven pedals and mitigate
      them. But here 5 years later still nobody's reported harm from not using
      retention of some sort.

      > --- In rootsradicals@yahoogroups.com, Bill Bonney <billbonney@...> wrote:
      >> But saying that.... the Stokemonkey, by clever cycles looks
      >> interesting. I do think it could be more challenging to use though as
      >> it requires the rider to be fixed into the pedals with cleats/tow
      >> straps.


      Cara Lin Bridgman cara.lin@...

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      Longjing Township http://www.BugDorm.com
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