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9420Re: Motorist shoots bicyclist

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  • Phil Good-Elliott
    Aug 2 6:20 AM
      A few thoughts about behavior related consequences given the offender's position:

      1) Lose gun permit - banned for life from ever owning a firearm.

      2) Lose first responder's license - the role is to save lives and property, not kill others, especially as a fire fighter. Allow him to work in equipment maintenance, but not directly in service - at least for several years.

      3) Pay huge fines towards counseling for victims of violent crimes in addition to paying for damages done to the victim and his family as a result of this trauma.

      4) Lose his driver's license for minimum of five years.

      5) Do voluntary service in a community bicycle shop for minimum of five years where he has to face bicyclists and learn all about bicycling.

      Don't know about prison time, though he should definitely be convicted of a felony.

      I don't know the rules of first responder licensing, so some of this may be moot. As someone who has worked with first responders, I do know that thy face huge stressors, but this is NEVER an excuse for violent behavior.

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