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9250RE: [rootsradicals] Re: 4th of July Float Ideas?

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  • Tone
    Jul 1, 2009

                  I used to be really into making “thorough” costumes for Halloween, but then I started organizing my annual Cranksgiving charity bike race, which runs the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The preparation and promotion for that limited my time for any extensive Halloween costume creation, so I kind of let Halloween antics vanish. In any case, back when the 20th (or was it the 25th) anniversary of the movie TRON came around (I majored in computer animation if that helps explain my interest in the movie) I thought I would morph my Xtracycle into a Light-Cycle with some corrugated plastic sheeting appropriately attached to the bike along with either glow-necklaces or L-wire for those “electric circuit” accents. Of course I would also wear some tight bodysuit with more glowing lines all over it and carrying a glowing Frisbee on my back etc.

                  Well, that costume and bike set up was one of those ideas that fell to way side while preparing for Cranksgiving. It still left me thinking about other bike-related costumes, etc. Another one I thought of was turning my Xtracycle into a seagull using corrugated plastic. A tail would extend beyond the rear step while the head would surround the front wheel. When turning the bike the head of the seagull would turn as well, which mimics the way some birds fly. Also, the wings of the seagull would extend to the sides off of the wide-loaders with them acting as some kind of hinge. I would somehow attach the wings to my ankles/knees/calves with straps, which would cause the wings to flap whenever I pedaled. The whole idea was obviously to make it look like I was riding a giant seagull.

                  Once again I never built the seagull rider costume either, but this does bring me to think of something suitable for an Xtracycle in a July 4th parade. Instead of a seagull, what about making an X or Big Dummy into a Bald Eagle… the national bird, a symbol of freedom, and a well known endangered species (Nationally I believe they removed it from the list, but I know some states still have it on their own endangered species lists). It is patriotic for July 4th, it embodies freedom as in freedom from cars, and it connects people’s minds to environmental issues. That has to be a winner for an Xtracycle/BD July 4th parade float idea! J

                  Ride safe whatever you decide to parade as.


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