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89RE: [rootsradicals] Re: Rain Gear ( was Re: Howdy from Chicago)

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  • Mike Leger
    Feb 7, 2006
      After ~10 years of riding in Gore-Tex jacket and pants from Nashbar/Saucony, I've decided that Gore-Tex is not the preferred material for rain/snow riding for me. It's not waterproof by any stretch of the imagination. My shoulders get wet after ½ hour in a steady rain. It is a good windbreaker, holding up in temps well below 0F. The pants also begin to soak through in the thighs after ½ hour. It's fairly stiff compared to some other fabrics. It requires special washing--powder only, no softener, and you will be asked to wash the clothes 3 times in succession if you have a problem with its waterproof-ness. I've recently purchased a Burley Rain Rider jacket. More supple material, but it's not been subjected to harsh conditions yet. It has provided good windbreaker service.

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      Thanks for the headlight info and seconding the goretex.
      I really do need a brighter light so I'll look for one.

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