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886New photos of Ted's SUB Road Train

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  • Ted Howard
    Feb 1, 2007
      Hi Folks
      I've put up 3 photos into a new album called Ted's Xtracycle.

      The first one shows my bike and trailer, with the 3 folding tables
      on the wide/long loaders. The second one shows the other side, with
      the big red kite stock tube and gazeebo on the snap deck, and the
      last one is what it all looks like set up and operating as my
      kite/juggling stall.

      The weight means I really appreciate my newer bike which has disc
      brakes and can now stop if I need to. This whole SUB road train only
      has to travel about 2 miles each way to the market and home, but
      it's a real workout. With the other part-time work I'm doing with
      gardening/maintenance, the bike is getting a good work out, and it's
      time to seriously look at a Stokemonkey. This coming week I'm
      delivering 2 bales of hay to one garden customer, and taking my 8
      foot ladder around to do some tree pruning at another.

      Nelson, New Zealand